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If You Can’t Get to Vegas… Bring Vegas to You

Every now and then (more often than I care to admit), the word ESCAPE flashes through my mind like a neon light. My guess is we’ve all been there: at the end (or the start or the middle) of a long day, the need to get away sometimes feels overwhelming. Any place that’s not my own kitchen or living room starts looking good – the dressing room of the local mall, a deserted island; anywhere that I can be alone, or at least away from the routine. My kids are great but sometimes I long to try something new, something just for me and my like-minded friends. That’s when the idea of a casino night for moms popped into my head. And making it happen was almost as much fun as being in that far-off casino.

Casino Nights Are Simple and Fun to Organize

My head quickly filled with a jumble of concepts, designs, and possibilities; the idea quickly took on a life of its own, which started getting a little out of hand. But once I started researching the subject, I realized I was not alone, and that there was a whole mini-industry out there that was just waiting to help me bring my casino-themed plan to fruition. Starting with the invitation and through to décor, food, and equipment, there are loads of sites that are more creative and innovative than I’ll ever be, which is just perfect. With the Internet as my guide, I discovered loads of cool casino night themes ideas, and my small kernel of an idea turned into this great celebration. Turns out that just about everyone I invited was just as thrilled with the idea as I was and the RSVPs started flowing in at a rate that soon became a flood of Yes’s and I’ll be there’s.

The Internet Makes It All So Easy

When I saw how many of my fellow moms were eager for a night out in “Vegas”, I quickly realized that the casino night wasn’t going to be doable on my own, and I drafted a few friends to help out. We each took on a different aspect of the organization and everything was so much easier after that. I was in charge of casino party supplies, and I was amazed to find a plethora of casino-themed paper goods and decorations, ranging from chip-covered paper plates to Ace-themed centerpieces. With a little help from our online friends, we were able to turn my rec room into the liveliest, coolest pseudo-casino in town. It’s amazing what a few decks of cards, a round table or two, some green felt, a couple of rented slot machines, loads of spade-shaped balloons, and two or three semi-professional dealers can add to a party! To get in the mood, we played some games on the internet, and we all agreed that next time we won’t bother to bring the machines home as slot machines games can be played online instead of renting one. Chip-like cookies, card-shaped cupcakes, and platters of great comfort food were just icing on the cake. A great time was had by all

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