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A backpack might not seem like one of a toddler’s most obvious needs, but it IS a life changer. To my surprise, my one-and-a-half-year-old daughter got really excited about having her own bag and wants to carry it all the time. It encourages her to walk more instead of being pushed in the stroller, where she can’t wear her bag. It also gives me extra room in my purse for mommy needs. It comes in super handy during plane travel, as I load Celeste’a bag with her own diaper needs for the plane ride. It’s very light for her to carry.

The day I received the Pakhuis Oost toddler/kids backpack, I was so pleased that I had finally found the perfect bag for my one-and-a-half-year-old daughter. It took quite a while to find the right bag. I wanted it to be super cutelight and yet big enough to fit what she needs during travels or at daycare. The Pakhuis Oost bag checks all the boxes, and more! Keep reading.

The company’s exotic story is pretty cool. Pakhuis Oost — meaning “the warehouse of the East” — started out as an importer of goods made for local markets in Thailand and Vietnam. Now based in Amsterdam, they design their own products. I feel totally in sync with the Pakhuis Oost mantra: “Pakhuis Post wants to make your day happier.” That is also what Nomad Bébé is trying to do! Giving advice and finding the best gear to have a No(t)mad Bébé!

All right, back to the backpack. So, why is it so perfect?

Miniature Adult Bag

My favorite baby and toddler gear has to look like miniature adult gear. When I buy something for my daughter, I always have the feeling that I would buy it for myself if it existed in a bigger size. And this is what happened with the Pakhuis Oost backpack. I would totally get one for myself, as I really like the look of it. I like the patterns — especially the dots and glitter for girls and the star for boys — I like the mix of super punchy and fresh colors, and I like the shape. Basically, I like everything about these backpacks.

Extremely Light

The weight of the bag was a concern for me. Céleste is only a year and a half, and I really did not want to load up her back — she has plenty of time for that. I was looking for a bag you could hardly feel on your shoulder. The Pakhuis Oost backpack passed the test. Made of cotton, it really feels as light as a feather.

Easy Maintenance

The Pakhuis Oost backpack has a nylon liner that makes it very easy to clean. It also limits the consequences of leakages, as it locks the moisture inside the bag and does not make it all wet.

100% Approved By Bébé

It did not take long for my daughter to approve of her new bag. As soon as she saw it, she wanted to try it on. She is at that age where she likes to do everything I do, and having her own bag seems to make her extremely happy. Every morning, she grabs it and tries to put it on when she wants to leave.


Céleste fits both the small and the medium Pakhuis Oost backpacks. The small one is perfect when traveling. It holds less than the medium one, so it’s lighter and that makes it easier for her to walk with it on for a longer time. The medium one is great for daycare. It can easily fit a couple of diapers, her lunch, a snack, a bib, sunscreen and a water bottle.

Mix and Match

Pakhuis Oost offers a ton of accessories to match their backpacks, such as pencil cases and zipper flat bags. To keep up with bébé’s growing needs, they also offer satchel bags, school backpacks, little suitcases and decor items for his room.

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  1. I was disappointed by these backpacks. They’re not that special or awesome but they are cute. Maybe after a child customizes it… My child is toy tester and we get back packs all year long to review. Some of these are incredible, but in time for Fourth of July I’d definitely recommend someone get one for summer camp or a seasonal look.

    Thanks for sharing

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Are Escape Rooms Safe? 0 7

Are escape rooms safe
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Are Escape Rooms Safe?

You have received an invitation to participate in an adventure at Amaze Room Escapes and you can’t help but feel a bit nervous when you think about being locked in a small confined space with seven or so other people for an extended period of time. What if the eight of you can’t get out of the room in time? What if someone injures themselves? What if someone gets really angry? What kind of safety measures does an escape room have in place and what do you do if there is an emergency?

Fear not! Game rooms are fun, challenging, suspenseful and intriguing, but there is nothing scary or dangerous about them.

The History of Escape Rooms

The idea for escape rooms comes from video games. A game called Crimson Room served as the inspiration for escape rooms. The game was simple, a player awoke in a red room with a headache and had to point and click on a series of objects to get out of the room. In 2007 escape rooms started popping up around Japan and soon the rest of the world caught on. The rooms are very family friendly and a child as young as eight can participate.

What Safety Measures are Taken in an Escape Room

When you and your teammates enter an escape room, you will not be alone. There are security cameras in the rooms and an employee will be supervising your game. If anyone is feeling claustrophobic or wants to leave for any reason, there will always be a way to communicate with a staff member.

There are multiple ways to get out of an escape room in an emergency and the facilities are loaded with fire extinguishers. You will also receive a safety briefing from a staff member before you go into the room that will detail everything you need to know about getting out of the room in an emergency.

In spite of the fact that Hollywood made a horror film about an escape room, there has never been a single death or serious accident reported in the United States. The only fatalities in the decade long history of escape rooms occurred in Poland in a room that someone set up in their private home. The room simply did not have all of the many safety measures as that of a professional escape room facility.

Benefits of Escape Rooms

In addition to being an enjoyable way to spend an afternoon, Escape rooms can aid in team building and bonding amongst co-workers, families, and friends. You can find out the strengths and weaknesses of each person when you work on solving a puzzle with them. When you understand how a coworker thinks, you can communicate with them more effectively and assign them tasks that are based on their skills and abilities.

Escape rooms can improve your critical thinking skills and improve your ability to solve problems in a short amount of time. You and your friends will love the clever themes that the rooms have, and you will be impressed by the way the clues you will use adhere to those themes.

*Authoritative Sources:

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Gorgeous Condo at Destin Pointe 0 4

beachy farmhouse condo florida destin pointe
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We were provided a complimentary stay at Destin Pointe courtesy of ResortQuest by Wyndham Vacation Rentals.
All opinions are our own.

Looking for gorgeous condos on the beach in Destin, Florida? We’ve added a new beach condo to our list of favorite places to vacation as a family! It’s a beautiful, family-friendly atmosphere – and what’s not to love about the beach?

I’ve probably said it before, but I love road trips. Especially when they take me to amazing, natural scenery – such as the beach! One of our favorite beach destinations is Destin, Florida. Been there? If not – go! Florida’s Emerald Coast is a must-take vacation. The water and the beaches are like no other.

Speaking of beaches and the water – the condo that we stayed in at Destin Pointe’s Magnolia House had one of my favorite views of the water and beach. Check out the video tour below to see that view!

In fact, the entire property couldn’t help but offer beautiful views. With its gulf front pools, houses, and condomeniums – I’m not sure that we could have dreamt up a more perfect location.

Destin Point of ResortQuest by Wyndham Vacation Rentals is located on the far west pointe of Holiday Island in a beautiful, private gated community. A short drive or bike ride brings you to all the shopping, dining and adventure that Destin has to offer.

Beachy Farmhouse Condo at Destin Pointe

beachfront condo destin florida
I fell in love with this condo the moment that I walked in the door. I’m generally happy with any place that gives a beautiful and relaxing view – but when it’s absolutely gorgeous on the inside as well, I seem to enjoy my time there even more.

Every detail of this condo had been considered and designed to the perfect beachy farmhouse feel. From the flooring to the cabinet knobs – it was cute!

Magnolia House Condominiums is wonderfully situated in the secluded section of Holiday Isle in central Destin, within the private gates of the Destin Pointe community.

Take a tour of this cute, beachy-farmhouse style condo:

Did you notice that beautiful gulf – and the area just to the right of the pirate ship I pointed out? That’s Destin Harbor, a great place to visit for dining, and more. Hop on a water taxi across the East Pass and you’re there!

It’s always so much fun when we can be so close to the beach. A short walk or tram ride took us to their private beach access where we enjoyed complimentary beach chair set up each day.

Full Kitchen With All The Things

condo on the beach rental destin florida
This kitchen, this kitchen! Isn’t it just the cutest? Even more than that – it was stocked with everything I could have needed to prepare meals during our stay.

It’s probably most common that everyone looks forward to dining out during vacation – and I do as well – but I also love to cook. When we stay at the beach, we most often eat breakfast and lunch in our hotel – while leaving our evenings open for venturing out around town to check out the local fare.

I most definitely want to be able to make myself a hot cup of coffee in the morning. Even though I always bring my own single-cup coffee maker – it’s so much nicer when I have a nice sized kitchen to where I can make that cuppa joe.

We did use this kitchen, a lot! This particular condo had a good size refrigerator and quite a bit of space to store groceries that we picked up on our first day.

On top of the full kitchen, there were several grills in the pool area. We took advantage of that and grilled out for one of our meals.
I’ll share vacation food and meal ideas that we used for this trip in another post!

destin florida house rentals beachfront

Roomy Bedrooms


condo rental on the beach destin florida
The view from our master-bedroom was perfect. The beach, sun, and sand were there to greet us in the morning – and the moon was a relaxing last glance at night.

The beachy theme continued through the bedrooms and into the bathrooms.

condo rental on the beach destin florida
I’m not typically overly-impressed by the dressers in places where I stay during travel… but I loved this bedroom set. The light-toned wood, large bed, and round mirror were more examples of just how much care was put into furnishing this condo. Every piece must have been carefully picked and placed. Just perfect!

condo rental on the beach destin florida
condo rental on the beach destin florida
Though the bathrooms weren’t large – they were adorable! The shell-shape adorned shower curtain, and rustic towel hooks topped off the beachy feel.

My daughter and I were even talking about these bathrooms just this morning. We were discussing how we might want to redo our half bath – and replicating part of this bathroom came to mind. We loved the tiles on the floor – but I hadn’t thought to take a picture of it. But just know, it was perfect like the rest of the condo decor.

Check out the video above for the bathroom attached to the second bathroom!

destin florida condo rentals beachfront
condo rental on the beach destin florida
The kids shared this second bedroom. They also had their own beachy bathroom and enough space to spread out their things and relax when we weren’t enjoying the pool or beach.

condo rental on the beach destin florida
One of the neatest things about the last few condos where we’ve vacationed – have been the guest books. I meant to take pictures of the guest book at Destin Pointe’s Magnolia House 311, but I forgot!

You can see it briefly as I tour the condo in the video above – but I forgot to sit down and record some of the memories that other guests have shared about their time in the same condo. I promise that I’ll remember to do that next time. But if you stay in 311, I’d love to have a few pictures from the guest book – and I wish I had added our memories.

Planning a Destin vacation and need a condo or house rental on the beachfront? Check out the beautiful options at Destin Pointe.

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