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Fall is coming! Fall is coming!!! I love Autumn. Don’t get me wrong typically I love all four seasons, well I do when I can actually experience them. Growing up in Louisiana didn’t really allow for the stereotypical four seasons, we pretty much had Hot, Too Damn Hot, Hot as Hell and Hotter than Hell, punctuated by rains and hurricanes. It wasn’t until I moved to the NYC area (Demarest, NJ to be precise but I did eventually make it to the city) that I experienced my first true Autumn and man oh man was it ever gorgeous. The cooler weather, the beautiful explosion of oranges and reds and browns in trees were all just fantastic and of course there are the apples.

The cooler weather was unbelievable to me. Yes in Louisiana the temperatures do decrease once August rolls out, but never enough for me. For me Fall just meant I no longer sweated so much that I looked like someone had turned a garden hose on me. Who knew that in September and October temperatures could dip so low that you could wear sweaters and be perfectly comfortable?

The color of the leaves, the pictures do not do it justice, not even National Geographic ones. I’m no poet, heck I’m not even a wordsmith so I’m even going to try to describe a New York Autumn.

But here is my favorite part, apples. Fall brings with it so many different varieties of apples. Now I personally cannot make an apple pie to save my life, but I can make an apple cobbler, buckle, Dutch Baby, pancakes, bundt cake basically anything bread-y I can mix with apples and have a great dessert. I love baking these things as it makes the house smell so warm and inviting. Last Friday I went to the free market and they gave us 8 lovely tart apples. So today with Monkey we’re trying to bake our first Dutch Apple loaf of bread.

This should be fun because anyone who knows me knows that I don’t really measure, this is why I’m such a lousy baker. I just look at the recipe and the called for amounts and eyeball when I put them in the mixing bowl. Shoot half the time I don’t even have all the ingredients. Like today, I’m low on butter so I’m going to merge it with cream cheese (which I’m told you should never do in baking). Or I add ingredients that I think will improve the end result for example the recipe I’m using today does not call for any vanilla. Now I personally think that is cray cray. To me the holy trinity of baking apple items is apples, cinnamon and vanilla. Plus not only do I have real vanilla I have it in powder form not liquid, and let me tell you that real vanilla gives things an extra yum.

Time for me to pause in the post as Monkey and I are headed into the kitchen to get started. Make sure you check my blog out to see how it goes. Kriste Bryant The PA for You I’ve included photos of me and Monkey working on it.

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