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Meet Amberly Lambertsen of A Prioritized Marriage – our Featured Influencer this week!

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Instagram: www.instagram.com/aprioritizedmarriage

YouTube: A Prioritized Marriage

Facebook: facebook.com/aprioritizedmarriage

Pinterest: pinterest.com/aprioritizedmarriage

Why I Blog

I blog to inspire other couples to make their marriage a priority every day, no matter their situation in life! We believe that you can make time for your marriage and your spouse daily through rituals/traditions, communication and quality time. Your relationship doesn’t reach perfection the moment you say ‘I do’. If you want a strong marriage, you have to work on it continuously!

Tell Us About Yourself

I have a passion for marriage and family relationships and have a Bachelor’s degree in Family Studies with an emphasis on the importance of communication and stress management for healthy relationships. I hope to use my degree to further my goals on my blog and to become a Marriage and Family Life Educator in my community. I want to share my passion with others and inspire them to become enthused about their own relationships and making them better.

I love everything about being a wife; date nights, taking care of my husband, cooking, planning meals, etc. Music is my other passion; I play the piano and the flute but I get the most joy from singing! Some other things that make me happy include: Showtunes, chocolate, Italian food, traveling, blogging, cooking/baking, the beach, hot chocolate, chick flicks, Gilmore Girls, birthdays and holidays, thunderstorms, planning, musicals, and girl’s nights.

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