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Meet Innana Canon of Project Life Wellness – our Featured Influencer this week! Fun fact, Innana was also a speaker at Bloggy Conference 2019 just a couple of months ago – and she was AMAZING!

Tell Us Your Blogging Story

bloggy moms featured influencerI began blogging many years ago as a fun hobby to showcase my interests and passions of food and fitness. More recently (2016), I decided to re-brand myself as “Project Life Wellness”. I cover topics ranging from healthy recipes including tips and tricks, informative articles, self-growth, and of course, Motherhood.

My mission or “project” is to live my best life and also help and motivate others to do the same along the way. I truly believe that the word wellness isn’t just referring to physical health but an overall state of well-being (mentally, physically, emotionally, financially, spiritually, etc…).

Social Links

Blog: Project Life Wellness

Instagram: www.instagram.com/projectlifewellness

Twitter: lifewellness11

Facebook: facebook.com/projectlifewellness

Pinterest: pinterest.com/projectlifewell

Why I Blog

I use my blog as a creative outlet to reach other Moms out there who are like me, striving to achieve some sort of balance in all areas of their lives! I also enjoy motivating others to follow their dreams and achieve whatever it is their heart desires.

Tell Us About Yourself

I am an ambitious Mom of two boys who has a passion for wellness and self-growth. I enjoy writing, reading, and inspiring others to live their best life!

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