All Forms Of Tobacco Pose Major Health Risks

Previous studies have shown that smoking tobacco poses a wide range of health risks. While researchers in these studies focused mainly of smoking tobacco, other studies have gone further to analyze the correlation between all forms of tobacco and health. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, smokeless and smoking tobacco, both contain nicotine and other chemicals that have been connected to cancer, respiratory and cardiovascular diseases.

Chemicals In Tobacco Smoke

Scientists have examined tobacco smoke to determine the type of chemicals comprised in it. Some of these include carbon dioxide, ammonia, acetone, methane, propane, hydrogen cyanide and several carcinogens. Even though these chemicals are only related to tobacco smoke, smokeless tobacco also contains its own chemicals.

According to published studies, all forms of tobacco contain nicotine, which is extremely addictive. Nicotine is classified as a very potent alkaloid and parasympathomimetic stimulant, which is derived from the Solanaceae or nightshade family of plants. Each cigarette produces nearly 2 milligrams of absorbed nicotine, acting as a stimulant. Higher doses of nicotine can be extremely harmful and cause a wide array of side effects including irritability, restlessness, anxiety, difficulty sleeping, vivid dreams, confusion and headache.

Chemicals In Smokeless Tobacco

Many smokers think they can switch to smokeless and decrease their risks of developing cancer and other forms of diseases. The safest alternative to tobacco use is E-juice, which is available in a wide array of flavors. The chemicals that can be found in snuff and chewing tobacco include phenol, naphthalene, aniline, 2-naphthylamine and tar.

Phenol is a chemical that can be found in common household cleaners, herbicides and nylon. Naphthalene can be found in mothballs that are utilized to ward off moths. Tar is a highly toxic chemical has been linked to lung cancer and chronic respiratory diseases.

Increases Risk Coronary Artery Disease

Some of the chemicals found in tobacco have been linked to coronary heart disease, a condition that is characterized by narrowing of the vessels that supply oxygen and blood to the heart. The arteries can fill up with what is known as plague and cut off the blood supply to the heart. This is a life-threatening condition that must be treated immediately to avoid fatality.

Poor Blood Circulation

The chemical found in both smokeless and smoking tobacco have also been linked to poor blood circulation. This condition is known as peripheral artery disease or PAD. The arteries and blood vessel will become very narrow, slowing down the blood flow to the heart.

Safer Alternatives

If you truly want to enjoy smoking without all the dangers, your safest alternative will be electronic cigarettes. These products allow people to enjoy the act of smoking without being exposed to dangerous chemicals linked to cancer. You can enjoy your favorite pastime and not worry about your health. The e-liquid utilized in these products is available with or without nicotine.

The vaporizer produces a dense vapor that smells wonderful and will not bother those around you, so you can enjoy vaping while in a group. Millions of people have already turned to these products, because they are totally safe and do not produce any harmful side effects.




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