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It’s true. I am unapologetic for taking care of myself and giving myself the attention I deserve in spite of the mountain of things naysayers say and do to deflate me. That doesn’t equate to ego- that’s confidence. There’s a big difference. In fact, I’m far from egotistical and far from self- absorbed like some people I know; with an unhealthy addiction to ‘self.’ Which is how I know the difference. I’m a recluse and an introvert. Contrary to what some might think- I’m an INFJ personality- and with that, you should understand exactly why you misunderstand. I’m humble and I don’t mind giving compliments. However, I give honest compliments.

People will go all out with opinions of you when you are confident. Which is pathetic of them. Because they lack confidence and are insecure or self-conscious about themselves, they can’t handle that you have dignity. If you work hard to have the body you desire, the success you have- push yourself and walk in greatness- you shouldn’t have to be ashamed. You don’t have to cater to someone else’s insecurities. You should humble yourself and be grateful, and that doesn’t come with insecurities or having to walk with your head down so that other people can feel better about themselves. In fact, if I would have to downplay myself, just to make you feel good, then we don’t belong in the same circle. If you require that your friends and associates hide their happiness, then you are truly unhappy with yourself. If you do not feel comfortable around someone who’s confident, then it is you who are insecure. It is you who need to make a change. If you can’t handle someone who is proud of themselves, you need to take a cold, hard stare at yourself- not them. Especially if it’s just a person who commands attention without saying a word. That is not someone who’s egotistical. That’s someone who allows success to speak for itself. When you attract people without having to talk or tell them who you are or what you do, that’s a sign in itself that success is silent. People confuse that with you doing things for attention. Without acknowledging that you never said one word. If I am nominated for an award that I did not pay for, why should I be ashamed that I was nominated? And why would I hide that?

If I posted a picture and I look great and fit in a work out uniform, why should I not be proud of myself for eating healthy and taking care of myself? Because in all truth, if someone weighed 300lb and was considered unhealthy and obese but they took a challenge to lose weight naturally-you would praise them and congratulate them. So why is it that if someone has always taken care of themselves and their body, that you have so much to say about them ‘flaunting.’ Or always call it ‘societal issues’ that give girls a false perception and evoke obsessions of body image, in young girls.

Let me be very clear. I am not talking about people who constantly rub in your face the things they do, places they’ve been or bible pushers and those who hound you about what you should eat in order to “look” like them. What you should do and how much they have accomplished. I am not talking about people who clearly think they rank higher than you or feel that you are beneath them. Ii am not talking about people who are overly critical, attention seekers. Nor am I talking about people with delusions of grandeur. This does not apply to that behavior characteristic.

I am specifically talking about people who undergo extreme criticism because they are simply happy with themselves, who doesn’t seem to be bothered by other people success and are happy with who they are. The love to give compliments. They love acknowledging others, yet they stay at the brunt of negativity, for absolutely no reason. They are not perfect, but because they draw attention for whatever the reasons, other people misconstrue their motives and unfairly criticize them for attracting positive results.

It’s perfectly ok to pay yourself on the back. And if you do things to make yourself happy all while creating an environment best for humanity- you deserve to be happy. And to the naysayers- stop criticizing people for being happy about who they are! Stop bashing people who work hard to do what they want to do and are excelling at it. Stop over estimating your thoughts about them just because they are confident. Put to rest, your pre-conceived notions about the “pretty girl”. You have no idea who they are or what they go through or what they have done in their life, when you write them off as “conceited” just because you think they are pretty and they are confident. Stop with the judgment about someone just because of their looks. They are none of what you say. That opining is formed because of how you feel about YOURSELF! Your assumptions about their life, who they are and how they are, is a figment of YOUR imagination. If I worked out ten times a week just because it makes me happy and the result is that I’m fit and healthy and I can wear things you can’t, that doesn’t make me egotistical- that makes me dedicated to my work out plan. That makes me motivated to stay healthy. That makes me extremely excited about being able to look in the mirror and be happy with myself, not to get your attention or your compliments.

They beat you down, and beat you down and are upset at the fact that you rise and not only that you rise, but you rise and triumph. You seem unaffected at their efforts to beat you down, drag you down, hold you down and stomp you while down. They are upset that you will not stay down. It makes the work harder, it makes them frustrated. It makes them uneasy.

The truth about me is, I don’t seek validation. I don’t thrive on compliments or accolades. I don’t need approval. I set goals so that I can reap the rewards. If I set out to do something and I accomplish is, why should I be afraid? If that makes you uncomfortable, then you are desperately in need of a life coach. It saddens me to see women who actually are bothered when another woman looks good, feels good and as a result they get the attention that you desire. And as a response, you call her arrogant. That’s all wrong. Why does it annoy you so much that the next person lives such a fulfilling life? Whether they have the job, the body, the man, the career, the go getter attitude, drive and intestinal fortitude to thrive in business and be what they feel makes them whole? Shouldn’t you use them as an example instead of bashing them?

On behalf of all the women who go through this, I will say to the critics and want to be psychoanalysis non-experts —count how many times I say “ME, MYSELF AND I” in this post. I bet that number, in spite of the message will override the intent here, and still give you a reason to hate yourself. I still have love for even, that girl. I leave you the lyrics to Alicia Keys, Brand new kind of me.”

It’s been a while, I’m not who I was before

You look surprised, your words don’t burn me anymore

Been meaning to tell you, but I guess it’s clear to see

Don’t be mad, it’s just the brand new kind of me

Can’t be bad, I found a brand new kind of free

Careful with your ego, he’s the one that we should blame

Had to grab my heart back

God knows something had to change

I thought that you’d be happy

I found the one thing I need, why you mad

It’s just the brand new kind of me

It took a long long time to get here

It took a brave, brave girl to try

It took one too many excuses, one too many lies

Don’t be surprised, don’t be surprised

If I talk a little louder

If I speak up when you’re wrong

If I walk a little taller

I’ve been under you too long

If you noticed that I’m different

Don’t take it personally

Don’t be mad, it’s just the brand new kind of me

That ain’t bad, I found a brand new kind of free

Oh, it took a long long road to get here

It took a brave brave girl to try

I’ve taken one too many excuses, one too many lies

Don’t be surprised, oh see you look surprised

Hey, if you were a friend, you want to get know me again

If you were worth the while

You’d be happy to see me smile

I’m not expecting sorry

I’m too busy finding myself

I got this

I found me, I found me, yeah

I don’t need your opinion

I’m not waiting for your ok

I’ll never be perfect, but at least now I’m brave

Now, my heart is open

And I can finally breathe

Don’t be mad, it’s just the brand new kind of free

That ain’t bad, I found a brand new kind of me

Don’t be mad, it’s a brand new time for me.

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7 Meaningful Ways to Build Healthy Eating Habits in Kids 0 44

Healthy Eating Habits for Kids
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As Parenting 101 tells you about many things, start them young. Forming and developing healthy eating habits in children is a tall order with no shortcuts or textbook formula. You tread a thin line between being firm and not forcibly feeding them. It is through cooking and selecting the best ingredients that you show your love and affection for your family.

How do you instill healthy eating at an early age?

Give Them Choices

There are many types of healthy food out there: vegetables, fruits, nuts, and other types of produce from nature. These items can be eaten as they are or used to whip up savory meals.

Your goal is to impress on your children that they have options for eating healthy. Their diet does not have to be limited, bland, or boring. If you are not so skilled in the kitchen, it’s time to learn techniques on how to bring about flavor without too much fat, oil, and sugar.

Practice Portion Control

Sometimes, it’s not about the food itself but the size of the serving. Those so-called bite-size snacks, for example, look harmless until they lead to overeating. You can look into this guide when planning meals for the kids and check what constitutes a balanced diet. With proportionate servings, you feel more at ease to give the kids seconds if they ask.

Psychology can also help you in this respect. Use smaller dishes, and encourage sharing desserts.

Choose the Right Type of Carb

Carbohydrates are an essential source of nutrition for kids. These compounds are commonly found in rice, bread, pasta, and potato. The not-so-known sources are beans, legumes, and fruits. Carbs are broken down into sugars like glucose, which, in turn, energize and fuel the body.

As not all carb-rich foods are equal, your task is to find the healthy type for the young ones. The most nutritious sources are often those that undergo minimal to no processing, like whole grains, fruits, beans, and vegetables.

It is best to regulate your child’s intake of sweetened drinks, sodas, and other highly processed foods. Too much sugar consumption can lead to weight gain and other serious diseases. Obesity is a health condition that requires proper medical intervention, if not prevention.

Try Not to Overfeed

Instead of offering your child a plate full of food, give out the meal in the right proportions. This approach can prevent wasting food and hurt feelings if he or she pushes the plate away.

Certain studies note that children’s eating habits (e.g., being selective and not finishing their food) do little to stunt their growth. Forcing your will on the kids, however, can strain your relationship with them and instill in their minds that eating is a chore or an obligation.

To allay your fears about your children not getting the right amount of nutrition, refer to the recommended daily allowance as measured in kilocalories (kcal) by age.

Schedule Snacks

Work out a scheduled hour for small meals here and there. The rule of thumb is not to give out snacks when it’s an hour or closer to lunch or dinnertime.

You can bend the rules sometimes, giving them extra snacks for as long as you have kept track of what they’ve eaten for the day. Sweet potato fries, kale chips, and a piece or two of sliced fruit can pass off as healthy delights.

Eat Together as a Family

Take advantage of dinners to bond with your family over food. As Stanford Children’s Health notes, you can use mealtime as an opportunity for children to pick up and develop sensible eating habits.

Chewing food, for example, teaches them to savor the aroma, texture, and taste of the dish. You also get to talk about what transpired at school or how their day went, providing a stage for encouragement and support.

The habit of mindful eating is a crucial aspect of weight management. In that sense, discourage kids from eating in front of the television or computer screen; it distracts them from the food and causes them to gobble and consume more.

Cook Together

Kids will appreciate what they eat if they know what goes into the food and the effort to make it. You can set aside the weekends to enlist the help of the little ones in handing out the ingredients, stirring the pot, and setting the table. It provides them a sense of importance and independence and promotes consciousness of food consumption.

Baking is extra appealing to children with those tasks like cracking the eggs, using the cookie cutter and decorating the final product. They also get to use tools that are typically kept out of their reach but made safe for them to use.

Desserts can be delicious and healthy when infused with the good stuff. For example, matcha is a powerful ingredient that you can mix into a dessert or drink, enhancing its nutritional content and adding a unique flavor. You can come across plenty of recipes for matcha-infused cookies, cakes, and smoothies online.

Matcha contains catechins and antioxidants that are good for adults and kids. Healthier gums, stronger resistance to flu and other viral diseases, and an overall better immune system are some of the benefits kids can derive from this green tea. The tea itself is safe in prescribed amounts for children.

With these tips, you are moving closer to your goal of raising healthy eaters. What do other parents have to say about their family’s journey to wellness? Let us know in the comments section.

Healthy Eating Habits for Kids


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Signs that Your Body is Full of Toxins & How to Detox Naturally 0 13

signs you need to detox
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It’s easy to forget that we are surrounded by toxins every day. Most things around us are packed with chemicals. This can be true of foods, as well as products. The result can be that our body absorbs some of this – and the evidence may show up on our skin!

Signs that Your Body is Full of Toxins

  • Lack of energy
  • Exhaustion
  • Itchy skin
  • Rosacea
  • Other skin breakout or rash
  • Overheating
  • Sinus issues
  • Headaches
  • Insomnia
  • Gallbladder issues
  • White (or coated) tongue

If you’re experiencing any of the above – it may be time to detox! Detoxing sounds laborious – but it can actually be very simple.

Natural Detox Remedies


One of the first things I do when it seems that my body is suffering from toxins or other issues listed above – is to ensure that I’m getting the probiotics that my gut needs. I prefer this NLA for Her – Her Probiotics, but you should research and decide on one that fits your needs best.

I also like this Zenwise Health Digestive Enzymes Plus Prebiotics & Probiotics.

Epsom Salt

Taking an Epsom salt bath helps to raise the magnesium levels in the body and thus helps to eliminate toxins. Relax in an Epsom salt bath to help relax and soothe aching muscles. Add a cup or two of Epsom salt to a bath and soak.

Green Tea

Green tea is packed with antioxidants. It helps to remove free radicals and prevent liver damage. Try swapping out your coffee for green tea to prompt your body to detox toxins that may be causing any of your above symptoms. I like to try for two or three cups of Green Tea a day during a detox.

green tea detox

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is my favorite way to detox! It is so simple and I, personally, love the taste of adding a little lemon juice to my water. Lemon juice stimulates the bile production and helps to absorb more nutrients. It alkalizes the body and helps boost your immune system. You can mix this with warm water or cold water. Do this as soon as you wake up each morning. There are also a lot of great pre-made lemon detox drinks if you prefer.


It’s amazing the lack of hydrating water that we get into our diet. Our body is largely made up of water – and every part of our body needs it. Ensure that you are consuming the appropriate amount of water each day for your body size. This will help to naturally flush the body and provide your organs with the hydration they need to function properly.

skin toxin detox natural bloggy moms

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