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eCloth Review Opportunity March 2017

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      Tiffany Noth

      e-cloth is declaring 2017 as the year to Ditch the Chemicals! Study after study has proven the harmful effects of household cleaners and the time has come to rid this risk from your life. e-cloth is the worldwide leader in chemical-free cleaning. We’ve developed a cloth that cleans with just water. We realize that it’s natural to be skeptical about cleaning with just water. After all, the majority of us probably grew up in homes that were cleaned with brand name spray products and disposable wipes. However, many people are starting to question whether that actually is the right thing to do. Do we need chemicals to clean? Do they offer any advantages over “non-traditional” cleaning methods?

      The groundbreaking truth is, they’re not needed! They don’t offer ANY additional advantages. Even though those cleaning products provide that comforting (yet toxic) smell of clean, they leave residues on surfaces that attract dirt and dust and actually make things dirtier sooner. (And don’t get us started on all the health issues that can result! For more on that, see our last post 10 Reasons to Ditch the Chemicals.)

      The negatives of using traditional household cleaners far outweigh any positive features. Using e-cloth and just water cleans your home better, faster and, most importantly, safer than traditional cleaning methods. So, we’re asking YOU: How will you ditch the chemicals in 2017? Let us know if you would be interested in reviewing an e-cloth product by completing the form below. Don’t forget to tell us what product you are interested in and why.

      Please note: e-cloth will provide a full-size product sample as compensation for your review. We are also happy to furnish a giveaway prize for your readers if you choose to offer one. All we ask is that you tell your audience that you’ve made the switch from your old cleaning method to e-cloth and why.

      Thank you in advance! We look forward to hearing from you.

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