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      Tiffany Noth

      CAMPAIGN OBJECTIVE:  Seeking US and UK mom influencers who’d like to receive a sample unit of our NixplayIris or Nixplay Seed frame in exchange for an honest product review. Moms who love to take photographs to relive precious memories with their loved ones are welcome to apply. We’d also love to hear from moms with a newborn and would love to share their parenting stories. Mom influencers with great Instagram content and engagement would be a perfect fit for this campaign.

      Our Story

      We have a real story that started with real people.

      Our company, Creedon Technologies, was founded in 2007 with a vision to use technology as a way to build meaningful human connections.

      With Nixplay, we wanted to give you the option to access your most important memories anywhere you are in the world, display them in your home and share them real-time with the people who matter the most to you.

      They’re not just photos.

      Each memory counts as the perfect gift.

      Surprise your loved ones everyday, one photo at a time, right on their Nixplay frame.

      What makes our digital frames stand out?

      1. Design: We build digital photo frames that don’t look like digital photo frames. Nixplay Iris, Seed and Edge, as well as NIX Lux, are great examples of these. A welcome addition to your interiors.
      2. Software: The Nixplay App is one of the smartest around. Getting photos and videos from your phone to your frame has never been easier.
      3. Customer Service: Our team of Customer Service agents are always on stand by to help you if you have any questions, be that over the phone, by email, or live chat.

      Notable features

      1. High Resolution IPS Display
      2. Hu-motion Sensor
      3. Amazon Alexa enabled
      4. Mobile application integrated with Google Photos API
      5. Crisp photo display and video playback


      Social: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Linked In

      Available at: or

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      Joanna Stephens


      My name is Joanna Stephens. I am a mom blogger at I recently heard about this campaign and got really excited!

      I am an avid photographer, but my biggest flaw is that I never print off any photos. I love the idea of this particular frame where you can upload and share photos directly to this frame with wifi, an SD card, or a usb device.

      My readers are mostly moms who are looking for products and services to simplify their daily life. This frame would definitely resonate with them!

      I am looking forward to your reply.


      Joanna Stephens

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        Good afternoon!

        I’m the Eco Warrior Mama behind and have two beautiful children aged 6 and 7 who are nowadays always snapped on my iPhone but I also have a huge memory card of family memories and adventures stored on my Canon camera that I sadly don’t get chance to showcase in my home because there are simply too many to choose from! We tend to update photo prints in existing frames now that we have so many frames so the idea of your digital frame really appeals to me and Id love the opportunity to showcase my review with my audience on the blog, Twitter, Instagram and our Pinterest accounts.

        My followers are eco-conscious parents and families with eco-warrior kids! They have a preference for environmentally-friendly and sustainable products and they are passionate about making the switch from plastic and single use.

        My followers are generally embarking on this new way of life given the stark realities of climate change in our present day and therefore they are very responsive to ideas, suggestions, recommendations and showcasing of products and brands that can help them make the eco-switch.

        I’d love to review your digital frame and help my fellow green parents find a sustainable and eco-friendly way to display their many happy adventures and memories with their families.

        Best wishes,
        Sarah 🌿🌏💚🦸‍♂️🦸‍♀️♻️🐬💙🐳

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      Cynthia Nicoletti

      Hello !!
      My name is Cynthia Nicoletti and I am the owner of Views and More. I read all about your Digital Frames and they look amazing. I like the idea it can connect to many sociaI platforms and plays videos too. I have written over 1,655 products and reviews on my blog and social media sites. Would love to feature one of your frames on my blog and social media sites. I know it will get lots of love from my audience.
      Cynthia Nicoletti

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      Dara Granoff

      Hello, I am Dara from I am a mom of 3 and I am always taking photos but I don’t often get to display my photos off of social media. I would love to have a digital frame in order to display my photos in my home. I would write a review both on my blog and on my social media accounts. Thank you for your consideration!

    • #35562
      Lisa Ehrman

      I’m a new grandmother, and you know what that means? Tons of adorable photos are piling up on my phone, instagram, emails, and texts. I would love to highlight how all of these can be enjoyed in my home with this great new product! My followers at also have children and this will be perfect for them, too!

    • #35567
      Brandy Oliver

      I would be thrilled to help promote this product!
      My blog is Busymommylist
      I have 4 kids (8,12,15,26) and 2 granddaughters (ages 4 and 6) who would also be delighted to be “supermodels” for a few days!
      I’m going to check out your website and social networks now so I can start following. I am interested in this product either way.
      Thank you for the opportunity!

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