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MDacne Review Opportunity

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      Tiffany Noth


      We have another opportunity for our influencers!

      CAMPAIGN OBJECTIVE: Seeking influencers to create content covering MDacne.

      MDacne review

      MDacne: A new iPhone app changes the way Acne is treated

      MDacne can help millions of people with Acne that never see a Dermatologist. Untreated Acne, hurts self-confidence, dating, employment opportunities, school and may leave lifelong mental and physical scars.

      Current options are short and expensive (office visits), irritating (“one fits all” products bought online or simply ineffective (random off the shelf products).

      The MDacne, iPhone app uses cutting edge AI and deep learning technologies to accurately analyse the skin of people with acne and provide them with personalized anti acne medication kit of medications, customized to their acne severity and skin type.

      This assures a treatment that is more effective, less irritating and more affordable than any other treatment solution available today.

      With MDacne

      1. Just take a selfie with your MDacne iPhone app
      2. Get an instant acne analysis (Using the in-app AI computer vision technology).

      3. Subscribe and get to your doorstep a full acne treatment kit of FDA cleared anti-acne medications, customized to your skin type and acne severity
      4. Use the app to monitor your acne improvement 24/7 and us unlimited chat with a Dermatologist to support you throughout your treatment.


      If selected, you will:

      • Be contacted by a brand representative with campaign details.
      • Create blog and social content according to brand specifications.
      • Receive $100 compensation.


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