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Moms can streamline their family finances

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      Tiffany Noth

      family finances

      Moms can Streamline Family Finances

      Moms are in charge of a lot when it comes to family life. They take on the cooking, cleaning, getting kids ready for school, getting kids ready for bed, arranging for kids to be brought to school, picked up from school, family laundry, managing their family’s monthly calendar of events, managing family finances, supervising and helping with homework, buying groceries, taking kids to playdates, dance class and extracurricular sports, managing jobs outside the home – the list goes on. And all of this is on top of their day job at the office. Moms these days can easily be called supermoms.

      So what could help supermoms and make their busy lives easier?

      Onist, a financial management startup, built a tool to help moms get a full view of their household finances. Onist is a free, collaborative financial management platform that connects family members around their financial data and documents to help moms get on the same page as their spouse financially.

      onist family finances

      How does streamlining family finances work?

      Imagine all of your family’s bank accounts are visible on one website right alongside all of you and your husband’s investments, credit cards and other assets and liabilities (like line of credit, home, cars, antique collection, etc.) providing you with a complete picture of your family’s net worth. You can see transactions from each account and card, group them together by either type of expense (ie. groceries, car payments, etc.) or who spent the money (you or your husband), and you can track your net worth month over month to see how it changes based on the financial decisions you make as a family.

      But there’s more. Now imagine that same website also has a secure document vault where you can safely keep important files like your insurance policies, house deed, will, power of attorney, etc. You’re starting to get to a point where all of your important financial information is stored together, in one place, that’s accessible no matter the time of day or geographical location of your family members.

      But there’s even more. Imagine you can share individual pieces (or all) of this information not only with your spouse, but also with your grown children as they go off to school and have a joint account with you for books and school supplies. You can share, and be given access to, your parents finances as they age and you start to help them get everything organized and keep a watchful out for fraud or forgetful double payments. You can also share the pieces of your financial picture (that you choose to share) with the financial professionals you work with so, for example, your accountant can be given access to see what they need to see at tax time. Your lawyer can update and upload your latest will for you. Your financial planner can add your investment accounts to help you save time setting up your Onist account, and so on.

      And let’s not forget about chat. Keeping track of emails from your financial professionals in all the noise of your inbox isn’t easy – so Onist lets you chat directly with anyone you’ve connected to (family member or professional) within this one secure platform. If you’re looking at your new will and you don’t see the new clause about who inherits your family’s pet – you can message your lawyer right then and there, linking to the will you’re talking about in your secure vault, and talk with them in real-time to address your questions when they’re top of mind for you.

      onist family finance

      Financial Management with Onist

      Does this sound like something that would be valuable for you? More importantly, can you see how this would make managing your family’s finances easier? Would this be enough to give moms a headstart on visualizing their complete household finances and keep everyone in the family involved going forward?

      Onist has been called the Household Financial Management tool to replace all the Personal Finance Tools out there – because finances need to become a family affair. Families need to break the awkwardness and the taboo and start talking about money. We need to empower our supermoms to get their families moving forward toward financial understanding and clearly communicated plans to reach their goals – whether that’s a family vacation, a new home, their kid’s university fund, financial freedom, etc. We believe both moms and dads need to know their family’s financial plans and goals, AND be able to pop onto one single website, at any time and from anywhere, and see how their family is progressing towards their goals.

      If this appeals to you, check out the website at Create a FREE account and see for yourself how easy Onist makes family finances. And feel free to let us know what you think. We’re making changes all the time to make the site work better for moms like you and we crave and are listening to your feedback. And if (when!) you like Onist? Please share it with your friends and family, and the people who read your blogs and watch your vlogs!

      Let me know if you’d like to work together to help make your followers and readers’ financial lives easier too.

      Apply Here

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      Kim Miller

      Oh WOW is all I can say! I would love to be able to spend more time right now checking this out, but it is definitely on the agenda for later this week when I have time to look it over and play around with it. Thanks for sharing this!

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