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    era organics

    A few months ago, we (my family) were given the opportunity to try a few MONAT products. Though I enjoyed the products – I’ll admit, I wasn’t over-the-moon… at first.

    I’m this way with a lot of hair products. My hair color is a natural level 7 blonde, the darkest blonde. But I routinely lift it to a level 9 blonde. That means it’s very, very light by the time that process is complete. This also means that my hair has a lot of damage due to all of the work it is put through. So, that’s why I’m really picky about product.

    After my first round of MONAT, and describing my hair needs a little more, I was offered their Revitalize line, Blow Out Cream, REJUVABEADS Split End Mender, Restore Leave-In Conditioner, and Replenish Masque.

    After nearly five months of using the above product, my over-processed hair feels more touchable and soft (Previously, I almost felt as if it had a feel that made me itchy. Does that make any sense? It was just a bit rough from all of the lifting.). It’s been much more manageable in the summer humidity and the dry-time has nearly been cut in half (I have really thick hair!). You can find more information about those products here.

    Sometimes, it’s all about finding the right products for you within a brand.

    These were certainly it, and I should have gone into honest detail over my hair’s special requirements due to my over-working it.

    AND I’d love for you to get to try MONAT if you’ve never done so! Below you’ll find a note from the Independent Monat Representative that I’ve worked with, Imal.

    Are you interested in knowing about the only totally natural based effective hair care products manufactured in the USA in direct marketing and creating another exciting income stream using attraction marketing? You can leverage your social media followings and introduce them to the most amazing shampoo, conditioner and hair treatments that they can use at home. These are natural based, sulfate free, cruelty-free bunny eared approved products.

    You won’t need to ship anything – the company gives you a website where all the products are shown and they can order on your site and it’s automatically shipped. There’s even an online quiz so your followers can get very specific advice within minutes and even order from you within minutes.

    Last June, the industry-leading publication Direct Selling News ran a piece recognizing MONAT Global’s explosive growth. Having just received the Bravo Growth Award earlier for “achieving the largest percentage of growth in sales of any company on the list this year”, MONAT made its first appearance on the DSN’s Global 100 List.

    Since breaking ground in October 2014, MONAT set out to be the first company to focus on haircare and how it relates to anti-aging.

    MONAT also excels by revolving their product line around unique, naturally-based formulations and ingredients. These ingredients include Rejuveniqe™ Oil Intensive, a proprietary blend of antioxidant-rich oils; Capixyl™ (an emollient); Procataline™ (Pea Extract); and Crodasorb™ (a UV absorber).

    What’s most notable about MONAT’s approach to direct sales is that it revolves around social selling with a major emphasis on social media.

    “Product safety is our top priority. We invest millions of dollars in research and conduct thousands of tests each year to ensure MONAT products meet the highest standards of quality, safety, and performance. The test results from Allergisa provide additional, third-party validation that MONAT premium hair care products are safe on all skin-types for their intended cosmetic purpose.” -Stuart MacMillan, President of MONAT Global.

    This company is the #35 fastest growing direct marketing company in the world in only 3 years! It’s now #78 beauty company in the world- in 3.5 years!

    They provide easy online training with short videos and each product has an explanation besides it and how to use it so ordering is super easy for anyone.

    Right now the top earners are making 6 figures a month in less than 3 years- it is a really unlimited opportunity.

    If you are interested in further details and to jump on a zoom call for more information or if you want to speak with me about the products and have me send you personal samples just for you to try out – please register below



    Apply for Review Possibility Below

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  • @chasingthecure @anncurry this is one of my favorite people.  Please read her story.

Reposted from @rachelbrenke (@get_regrann) -  This laugh. This smile. ⁣
It’s fewer and far between these days. I don’t say this out of pity party (maybe slightly) but mostly to wave the 🏳! I have exhausted all options.  So here is my plea to @chasingthecure with @anncurry⁣
I’ve gone from team USA + ironman world championship athlete thriving on raising five kids and running multiple businesses to an EVERYDAY battle against my own body. Fatigue, sore throat, chills, aches, muscle weakness, fevers, tingly extremities, brain fog, moments of confusion. ⁣
Some days I can’t lift my head off a pillow. Other days my legs just give out from under me. I am trying to continue on but it’s so discouraging. ⁣
Almost 11 months of this. From the highest of highs with my NBC Sports feature to leaving one of the most esteemed doctors offices in the country to be told “we have no answers. You’re just sick”. ⁣
I’ve had every blood test imaginable. Countless CT scans, MRI, X-ray, TEE, Echo, EKG, lung resection surgery. All with not even a hint of what’s wrong. ⁣
13 specialists. All pointing ☝️ the finger elsewhere. No one offering a semblance of an answer. ⁣
Y’all know me. I don’t give up easily. I’ve tried bed rest. I’ve tried natural med. I’ve tried diet change. I’ve tried western meds. ⁣
I normally use my platform to help others. But now I’m calling of y’all. I am at a loss. And waving my 🏳 hard to be seen, heard and helped. ⁣
@chasingthecure is a new show where they’re taking stories and helping to find answers. Can I ask y’all- to help me? Tag them. Share with them. I am so discouraged and I just want the regular ME and normal life back. @anncurry @the_drjames please help! #chasingthecure - #regrann
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