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      Tiffany Noth

      We have another paid opportunity for our influencers!

      CAMPAIGN OBJECTIVE: Seeking influencers to create content with a focus on understanding your dog’s health and highlighting the value in understanding your dog’s future.

      It is Embark’s aim to revolutionize canine wellness. Through their comprehensive dog DNA testing service, Embark empowers dog owners to better understand and care for their pets. Backed by the Cornell University School of Veterinary Medicine, Embark has been winning over the hearts of dog owners, breeders, and veterinarians alike since their launch in May 2016.

      With Embark, vets can appropriately treat your dog, a lot of money can be saved, and owners can even extend their dog’s life. It is a somewhat unknown area to dog owners who are simply unaware this technology exists and can be administered via a simple cheek swab. Embark seeks to differentiate ourselves from other inaccurate and less comprehensive DNA tests, which would also be a feature of the campaign.

      What does Embark test for? It is an all-in-one testing platform providing results in the following areas:

      The most accurate breed identification service available. Embark tests your dog for over 200,000 genetic markers to piece together your dog’s genome, chromosome by chromosome. This results in an extremely high-resolution display of your dog’s genotype, allowing Embark to pinpoint exactly which parts of each chromosome belong to each breed. To put this in comparison to the other tests that have been doing breed testing – the next closest test only tests for around 2,000 genetic markers. By using 100x more genetic information, you can be assured Embark’s breed testing is the most accurate way to reveal your dog’s ancestry.

      Comprehensive genetic health testing. Embark tests every dog for over 160 genetic diseases. Knowing if your dog is genetically predisposed to a certain health condition is hugely valuable information as a dog owner. At the click of a button, you can send this information to your vet, and make a preventative treatment plan, optimize your dog’s lifestyle, and potentially save a lot of money on avoidable and expensive medical bills later down the line.

      Trait testing. Embark calculates your dog’s predicted adult weight based on their genetics, rather the combined average weight of the different breeds that make up your dog (other tests do this which is a lot less accurate). Embark will also calculate your dog’s genetic age, which looks at their rate of aging in comparison to human aging. Beyond this, Embark has an Advanced Results section featuring physical traits such as coat color/length that particularly interests breeders. Breeders save huge amounts using Embark’s all-in-one test service rather than purchasing individual heath and trait tests elsewhere.

      If selected, you will:

      • Create one blog post.
      • Provide draft for review.
      • Publish your post by given deadline. (Will be given upon acceptance into the campaign.)
      • Social posts on: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.
      • Receive compensation

      Apply here for this opportunity

    • #11822
      Crystal Martin

      This sounds like a really cool campaign. I’d love to participate!

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