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Review Opportunity – LOLL BEACH COVER UP & TOWEL

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      Tiffany Noth


      The new LOLL poncho towel for grownups with 2 secret pockets & side zips…

      No more sandy phone at the beach, rummaging in the bottom of your bag for your keys, money or phone… just pop them in your secret LOLL pockets.

      Get the perfect combination of towel, beach cover-up, bag and mobile changing room, with new LOLL poncho-style towels.

      These fantastic new towels provide the perfect solution for a day at the beach or pool. Put sunscreen, a book, money and your phone in the internal pockets and you ready to go. Leaving your hands free to carry the kids/buckets and spades or eat an ice-cream!

      With zips down the sides, these clever towels can be zipped up to wear as a poncho to/from beach or pool or for changing under and unzipped for drying or lying on.

      Knee length to provide more than enough cover to change under, these one size fits all ponchos are slightly longer at the back, so you don’t burn the backs of your legs when you sit down.

      Made from 400gsm cotton, LOLL poncho towels are thick enough to dry you properly, while being quick to dry.

      Is there nothing LOLL hasn’t thought of?

      • Wear your towel to the beach
      • Secret internal pockets for keeping your mobile sand-free
      • Protects your legs when you get in a hot car!
      • Unisex
      • Available in black, blue or green zigzag or three turkish towel designs

      LOLL designer, Lara Solomon, who was the creator of the original “mobile phone socks”, Mocks, thought up this simple solution after walking down to the beach for a quick swim where she seemed to be taking half the house with her!

      “I got fed up of taking a beach bag, which I’d always end up filling, or holding a book, phone, money, towel and sunscreen for a quick trip to the beach. I needed something that was multi-purpose but looked good and so LOLL was born!”

      LOLL towels are available online at RRP: $40.00

      Thank you in advance! We look forward to hearing from you.

      Apply Here

      Please note that review-only opportunities are not monetarily compensated.

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