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Review Opportunity – Selina Naturally

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      Tiffany Noth

      Seeking influencer to celebrate the taste and experience of the Selina Naturally Products and write a review blog post and refer readers back to the Selina Naturally web site from within your blog post and on social media. Selected influencers will be sent samples of the FOSSIL SALTS LINE (which will include three different flavors) as well as Aquon Matrix Isotonic.

      Aquon Matrix® is a micro-filtered seawater product that delivers stable quantities of minerals found naturally in seawater. Aquon is collected at a depth of about 98 feet in areas of the ocean that are dense with phytoplankton. Calcium, sulfates, chloride, bicarbonates, sodium, potassium, and magnesium are just some of the minerals in Aquon Matrix®.

      They recommend one drinkable stick each morning, and one in the evening. While you are drinking it, hold the liquid in your mouth for a minute before swallowing to boost absorption. The isotonic is perfect for in the morning and evening for everyone. The Hyper is great before a workout that causes perspiration.

      The new line “Fossil River® Salt” from Spain comes in a variety of three different categories of salt. To make this salt, with its ultra-fine, diamond-like crystals, it is extracted from underground rivers and then deposited in saline pools where the water is gradually evaporated, leaving all the minerals intact.

      A first to the market low sodium liquid spray salt, which is complimented with five different flavors, Plain, Cucumber, Truffle, Mediterranean, and Garlic. These sprays can be used on a prepared dish or used in manufacturing for a perfect low sodium compliment to the product.

      The second of these River Salts is a Flaked Flavored River Salt, Salt Flakes®, a range of spice-infused salts that enhance the flavors and textures of every dish. Available in five flavors, Balsamic Vinegar, a detoxing Charcoal, Grilled Meat, Aromatic Herbs (all purpose), and 5 Peppers.

      The last but not least are the gourmet flavors, Flocons De Sel®, these salts make any cook look like a chef, with their exotic flavors. Available in Nutty Smoked, Seaweed, Sesame Wasabi, Szechuan Pepper, and a Rose and Wine that looks like fireworks on the grill.

      Selected influencers will receive:

      • 1 Aquon Matrix Isotonic BOX of 30 drinkable sticks.
      • 2 products in each of the three FOSSIL SALTS LINE (total 6 FOSSIL SALT Products).

      If selected, you will:

      • Create one blog post (or vlog post if you choose!) which includes an honest review of products received and refers your audience to the Selina Naturally site where they can find additional information.
      • Each blog post must share why you enjoyed the products.
      • Mention why natural foods are important to you and your family.
      • Publish your post within 3 weeks of receiving products.
      • Post on one of the following social platforms: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest.


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