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December 2017 Social Media/Writing Prompts

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      Tiffany Noth

      After a hiatus, The Blog Dare is back and we’re beginning to import all prompts from our previous site. Thank you for your patience in this process.

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      What is The Blog Dare? The Blog Dare is a series of prompts to help as you travel through writing and creative adventures in social media.

      December 2017 SOCIAL MEDIA PROMPTS

      December 1, 2017: How to plan a budget for the new year

      December 2, 2017: 5 Tips for starting the new year strong, and happy

      December 3, 2017: What we’re giving this holiday season

      December 4, 2017: 10 Brilliant Ideas for an organized Christmas Party

      December 5, 2017: What I wish I had known before hosting a holiday get-together

      December 6, 2017: How to avoid holiday stress

      December 7, 2017: How to avoid holiday-spending regret

      December 8, 2017: We set out on a family site-seeing, adventure

      December 9, 2017: The holidays are different now

      December 10, 2017: 10 FAQs about New Year’s that you probably didn’t know

      December 11, 2017: What I secretly dislike most about this time of year.

      December 12, 2017: Top 5 Party treats for an unforgettable New Year’s celebration

      December 13, 2017: How to ring in the New Year with a toddler

      December 14, 2017: We paid a visit to the local shopping center during the holiday shopping season. (humor)

      December 15, 2017: I claimed to not know about the gift

      December 16, 2017: Holiday Round Up – Grab your social besties and promote each-other’s seasonal content.

      December 17, 2017: What to do when confronted with holiday business

      December 18, 2017: What I regret doing/not doing last Christmas

      December 19, 2017: That gift raised the stakes dramatically

      December 20, 2017: My ghosts of holidays past

      December 21, 2017: 5 Reasons to make (or not make) New Year’s Resolutions

      December 22, 2017: Our family traditions, new and old

      December 23, 2017: How to clean up after the holidays

      December 24, 2017: A first-timer’s guide to New Year’s as a parent

      December 25, 2017: How to be productive during the holiday stretch

      December 26, 2017: Countdown to 2018

      December 27, 2017: Best places to spend New Year’s Eve

      December 28, 2017: New Year, New Ideas

      December 29, 2017: What I’m letting go of this coming year

      December 30, 2017: Just someone in the background

      December 31, 2017: Goodbye 2017 – A look back at our year

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      Remember to add affiliate links where applicable throughout your articles!

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