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January 2020 Influencer Content, Writing Prompts, Social Media, and Blog Topic Ideas

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      Tiffany Noth

      influencer topics and content

      Formerly known as The Blog Dare, Influencer Ideas is a series of content topic ideas and prompts to help as you travel through creating content whether in blog post and article form or video and vlogging.

      Take these ideas and craft them into content that fit your platform and niche. Above all, you grow an audience by allowing them to get to know you. Make it your own.

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      January 2020 Influencer Content and Topic Ideas

      Day 1: Conduct an interview.

      Day 2: Prepare a product review.

      Day 3: Compare similar products.

      Day 4: Host a giveaway.

      Day 5: Create How-To content.

      Day 6: Share your favorite meal & recipe.

      Day 7: Show your audience a day in your life.

      Day 8: Show off your garden – indoor, outdoor, herbs, and spices.

      Day 9: Show your audience how you solved a problem.

      Day 10: Tell your audience how life is different than you imagined.

      Day 11: Try to replicate a favorite memory or moment.

      Day 12: Take your audience shopping with you.

      Day 13: Feature/review an item from your childhood.

      Day 14: Grocery challenge. Set a budget for one week’s menu. Plan it, shop it, prepare it.

      Day 15: Favorite winter activity.

      Day 16: Favorite Valentine activity.

      Day 17: Favorite Valentine DIY/Craft.

      Day 18: Favorite Valentine recipe.

      Day 19: Tell your audience about an item you lost and miss.

      Day 20: Tell your audience how you’re making changes this year.

      Day 21: Redo an area in your home or office.

      Day 22: Unique gift ideas for your friend.

      Day 23: Clothing budget challenge.

      Day 24: How to plan a party for _______________

      Day 25: Upcycle an item.

      Day 26: How to declutter the _______________

      Day 27: How to help your child plan _______________

      Day 28: Challenge collaboration with another influencer.

      Day 29: Giveaway collaboration with another influencer. Check out our Giveaway Collaboration Group here.

      Day 30: My easiest travel hack.

      Day 31: Compare a movie to the book it is based on.

      How do you schedule your content? I still love using a paper planner!


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