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June 2019 Influencer Content, Writing Prompts, and Blog Topic Ideas

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      Tiffany Noth

      influencer topics and content

      Formerly known as The Blog Dare, Influencer Ideas is a series of content topic ideas and prompts to help as you travel through creating content whether in blog post and article form or video and vlogging.

      Take these ideas and craft them into content that fit your platform and niche. Above all, you grow an audience by allowing them to get to know you. Make it your own.

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      June 2019 Influencer Content and Topic Ideas

      Saturday, June 1, 2019: Finally finding my way.

      Sunday, June 2, 2019: We’re going…

      Monday, June 3, 2019: Of course I lost!

      Tuesday, June 4, 2019: I needed the right answer.

      Wednesday, June 5, 2019: A few things were missing.

      Thursday, June 6, 2019: Did you know anything about that?

      Friday, June 7, 2019: I’m not even going to ask.

      Saturday, June 8, 2019: What do you call it then?

      Sunday, June 9, 2019: Who were they talking about?

      Monday, June 10, 2019: We met them at…

      Tuesday, June 11, 2019: They were really nice.

      Wednesday, June 12, 2019: They had a lot of fun.

      Thursday, June 13, 2019: I took it back into my hands.

      Friday, June 14, 2019: It was such a good thing to see.

      Saturday, June 15, 2019: All I wanted was a chance to…

      Sunday, June 16, 2019: Let’s help one another…

      Monday, June 17, 2019: I brought them to meet you.

      Tuesday, June 18, 2019: I could really use some…

      Wednesday, June 19, 2019: I couldn’t do that…

      Thursday, June 20, 2019: Just sitting behind that table…

      Friday, June 21, 2019: I couldn’t even move.

      Saturday, June 22, 2019: I knew just the job for them!

      Sunday, June 23, 2019: Just change it as you need to.

      Monday, June 24, 2019: The night air…

      Tuesday, June 25, 2019: It was a pretty sensitive…

      Wednesday, June 26, 2019: We have a nice room for…

      Thursday, June 27, 2019: That was so nice of you to ask…

      Friday, June 28, 2019: It was a lot of trouble to…

      Saturday, June 29, 2019: We can get this done today!

      Sunday, June 30, 2019: We’re going to stay with you until it’s done.

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