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March 2020 Influencer Content, Writing Prompts, Social Media, and Blog Topic Ideas

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      influencer topics and content

      Formerly known as The Blog Dare, Influencer Ideas is a series of content topic ideas and prompts to help as you travel through creating content whether in blog post and article form or video and vlogging.

      Take these ideas and craft them into content that fit your platform and niche. Above all, you grow an audience by allowing them to get to know you. Make it your own.

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      March 2020 Influencer Content and Topic Ideas

      Instagram Story Ideas

      Day 61: Go live!

      Day 62: Ask a question.

      Day 63: Tag a location relevant to your story, in your story – for better traction.

      Day 64: Use your story to tell your audience to turn on post notification.

      Day 65: Encourage your audience to direct message you.

      Day 66: Have an opinion, it’s okay.

      Day 67: Tease upcoming content.

      Day 68: Be raw and real. Let your audience see the imperfect moments.

      Day 69: Promote a product. Yours or an affiliate product.

      Day 70: Shout out another influencer, brand or an audience member.

      Day 71: Create a shopable story. (Must use the shopable sticker and have business profile.)

      Day 72: How to! Give your audience a quick how-to demonstration.

      Day 73: Use a story to preview upcoming content.

      Day 74: Use a story to show off something you just received to review/feature.

      Day 75: Use a story to answer an audience members question.

      Day 76: Share a quick tip with your audience.

      Day 77: Share a video of that day’s adventure.

      Day 78: Use this as an opportunity to ask your audience a question and start a conversation.

      Day 79: Host a quick with Instagram quiz stickers.

      Day 80: Spotlight an audience member.

      Day 81: Use a story to shoutout a fellow influencer account.

      Day 82: Use a story to share encouragement with your audience. A quote, etc…

      Day 83: Share a portion of a blog post in your Instagram story.

      Day 84: Share another user’s content through a story. You can do this as long as their account is not private. Be sure it’s helpful to them for you to share their content.

      Day 85: Share a favorite online tool/app.

      Day 86: Share an icebreaker prompt. (What’s your favorite flavor of ice cream?)

      Day 87: Share a countdown (sticker) to an upcoming event, article, giveaway, etc…

      Day 88: Share a portion of a video you’re posting elsewhere.

      Day 89: Share an audience member comment/testimonial.

      Day 90: Share a “What do you prefer” Poll, asking your audience to vote on an outfit, paint color, etc…

      Day 91: Play with stickers, text, etc… to share a quick thought with your audience.

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