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Last year, I stumbled across a way to get $50 by doing what I do every day. I also found out how I could turn that into $500!

There is absolutely nothing better than free. But I’m always skeptical. However, it being from a well-known company – Discover Card – caught my attention.

A family member sent me a link to sign up for a new Discover card, where if approved I would receive a $50 statement credit if I made a purchase within the first three months. My family member would also receive a $50 statement credit. That’s a win for both of us!

Please note that I am very intentional about credit card use. I never make purchases that can not be paid off that month. So I very strongly encourage you to use credit from any source in a financially responsible manner.

I’m always using my credit card for grocery purchases, gas purchases, and everything else. So, a $50 bonus to shop for groceries was a huge plus!

I signed up. When I received my card, I used it on that week’s grocery haul. And you know what, I was credited $50! How exciting – to get $50 for doing what I do anyway.

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To make the entire thing even more exciting – I could share the same deal with my friends and family. So, I did! And I received a $50 statement credit each time someone signed up, was approved, and used their card within three months. Up to $500!

Here’s How to Get the $50:

1. Go here to apply for your Discover Card.
2. Once approved, make a purchase with that card within 3 months.
3. Voila! A $50 Statement Credit.

Here’s How to turn that $50 into $500:

1. Once you’ve done the above, go to your online account.
2. Find your referral link under the Rewards drop-down tab in the menu.
3. Share that link with your friends and family.
4. (Optional but I suggest it) Remind your friends and family to use credit in a financially responsible manner.

Hop over here to apply* for this offer.

*Not all who apply will be approved. BloggyMoms/HerFave encourages the use of credit in a responsible manner, including paying off purchases as they are made and not accumulating debt.

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