Quick Life Insurance for busy moms

We understand how busy a mom can be! Between parenting, maintaining your home, cooking, cleaning, and having a career, all of these job titles doesn’t really leave much room for a hard working mom to buy life insurance. That doesn’t mean at all that you shouldn’t buy life insurance.As a matter of fact you should feel obligated to buy life insurance for the sake of your children.

The Importance of Life Insurance

Life insurance is a very touchy subject for some because life insurance come hand in hand with death and most avoid the subject because of how gruesome death is. It is in your best interest to buy life insurance because when you pass, who will take care of

everything? Let’s face it, moms are like the glue that keeps everything intact, without the glue everything will fall apart. You may not be able to leave a part of you to keep everything intact but at least with life insurance you can provide your family with money to take care of funeral costs and it can even provide income protection for your beneficiaries. This is called death benefits.

Let’s say you pass away before your children are grown up and out the house, what happens then? One of the biggest reasons people buy life insurance is for income replacement. As a mom your children rely on your income for food, shelter, clothing, education and anything you can think of.

If you are married and your significant other has a life insurance policy, don’t exclude yourself out because you are thinking “why should I invest in life insurance when my husband has life insurance, if one of us dies the surviving spouse will still be there to pay bill and raise the children.” This is a good point, but what if you and your significant other get in a car accident during your date night and both pass away? This is why you can name secondary beneficiaries with your life insurance policy.

How to get quick life insurance

It’s easy to get caught up in your busy life because time literally flies! You probably think you are going 200 mph on the highway but don’t worry it’s a price to pay for having the best mom in the world mug. There are ways to get a life insurance policy quickly and that’s by doing two things. One thing is to look into an independent life insurance brokerage like InsureChance, and two buying a no medical exam policy.

Why Should I Contact an Independent Life Insurance Brokerage?

DIY is the latest fashion but really who has time for all that? Like the famous meme states, “Ain’t nobody got time for that!” So don’t do it yourself, at least when it comes to buying life insurance, you should choose to work with an independent life insurance brokerage. An independent life insurance brokerage, will compare quotes and do all the shopping for you. There is no need to DIY with the new wave of online brokerages, lots of them are a free service and are there to make life insurance more simple. Some of them work with over 60 top “A” rated companies and won’t quit until they find something with minimum premium but with maximum coverage.

What is a no-medical exam policy?

A no-medical exam  policy is exactly as it reads, it is a policy that doesn’t require a medical exam to get the policy. With a no medical exam policy you can receive coverage up to $500,000 and the best part about this policy is there are no questions related to your health and no poking with needles or peeing in a cup. A no medical exam policy will save you a lot of time from your everyday busy life because if you choose to undergo a medical exam you will have to schedule when you would like a nurse to see you and it doesn’t take that long but if you are looking for a quick life insurance policy you should definitely look into buying a no medical exam. Another upside to getting a no medical exam policy is that your whole application process will take from 15 minutes to 72 hours.

Types of no-medical exam life insurance policies

Just like there are a variety of life insurance types, no exam policies come in different types as well. Each of them have their own set of pros and cons but finding which one is the best really depends on you and your preference. There are four popular types of no exam life insurance that you should be well aware of, simplified issue, guaranteed issue, graded death benefit, and level final expense.

  • A simplified issue is a type that thought of as a no exam policy which as you already know is a policy that doesn’t require a medical exam. However, with this no exam type you will have to answer a medical questionnaire. This would be ideal for someone who is decent health and simply doesn’t want to take a physical or is too busy for a physical.
  • A guaranteed issue is another type of no exam policy that again doesn’t require an exam and also doesn’t require you to answer a medical questionnaire. This type of no exam policy will approve anyone however, the only restrictions on guaranteed issue is that there are age limits.
  • A graded death benefit is literally what it sounds like, this is a plan that doesn’t start out with full benefits in the first couple of years. With this policy every year they will increase until they reach the full benefit of the policy. Just be aware of this policy because if something were to happen to you within the first few years you will not be receiving 100% of your policy amount.
  • Level final expense plans are different than the other policies above, this plan is level which means that you will be getting a premium rate that will stay the same for the rest of your life. This plan is considered a burial insurance plan and typically has a smaller policy amount with less strict questions.

Final Thoughts

Don’t wait until “tomorrow” or avoid buying a life insurance policy because you are “still young” or in “excellent health.” There is no better time then today, you don’t want to put off life insurance shopping until you are 50-60 years old because unfortunately, there are countless stories of people who don’t have life insurance and die unexpectedly and are forced to leave their families with thousands of dollars in debt and unpaid expenses. In conclusion, moms there are zero reasons for you to not have life insurance because the number one reason moms don’t get life insurance is because they’re too busy with their everyday lives, and now that we have offered some suggestions there really isn’t a better reason to not get insurance for the sake of your loved ones.

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