5 Best Fitness Tips for Expecting Mothers

Giving birth is an extremely risky process. Though there are techniques to make birthing easier, it still comes with great risks. There are ways to reduce the risks though. One of them is to stay fit throughout your pregnancy. You will still experience pain especially for normal birthing method, but at least it is easier for you to recover.

1. Brisk walking

This is the easiest fitness exercise that you can do. You can walk around your village each day for a few minutes as long as your body can take it. This is a good cardio exercise which helps in proper blood flow. It also strengthens your feet and knees. Walking also firms your muscles. All of them are essential in giving birth. Aside from this being a healthy activity, it also strengthens your bond with your partner. You can do this every afternoon together. You might also get really tired along the way. It helps if someone is there to provide assistance.

2. Swimming

You might think that this is quite risky. The truth is that it is medically approved as a fitness exercise for expecting mothers. You just have to make sure that the water is clean and the level of chlorine is not too high. There are a lot of benefits when you swim. To begin with, it helps strengthen your arms and leg muscles. You also feel light when you are swimming. It does not feel as if you are carrying something heavy on your body. This helps especially if you have neck and back pains. Pregnant women might also suffer from swelling of certain body parts. Swimming helps ease the pain or even reduce the size of the swollen parts.

3. Yoga

This is an exercise that you can do not just to strengthen your muscles, but also to psychologically prepare you for giving birth. Yoga is about breathing and being aware of your body. You might see those who have advanced skills in yoga doing poses that are seemingly insane. It has something to do with their ability to control their minds. This is of great help when you start feeling the pain of labor. Of course, you need not do the difficult poses. There are yoga poses designed specifically for pregnant women.

4. Weight training

This might seem taking things a bit too far, but there are pregnant women who are comfortable in weight training. As long as the weights are controlled, then it is still safe. You also need assistance in lifting weights. This helps in strengthening your muscles. However, be careful not to push yourself to do more than what your body can take. The goal here is not to get toned muscles, but to just strengthen them.

5. Balanced diet

After doing all the exercises, the key is still proper diet. It is important that you take a closer look at what you eat. The moment you know that you are pregnant, you have to sacrifice eating dishes that are unhealthy. It is even worse since you start craving for food when you are pregnant. No matter how strong the temptation is, you have to learn how to resist it. You need to think about your baby’s health.

A balanced diet is a must so your baby gets all the nutrients the body needs to develop.

There are a lot of sacrifices that come with being a mother. It starts during pregnancy. Once you see your baby though, all these sacrifices are totally worth it. Just think positively during these 9 months and before you know it, you’re no longer pregnant.

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