5 Essentials For Work At Home Moms

By Harriet Truscott

When it comes to getting the job done, work from home moms are the experts. We love conquering task lists, wrangling toddlers, and carving out our own careers — it’s all in a day’s work! In fact, it’s even proven that women working part time are the most productive in the workforce.

In between raising an artful toddler and helming the content strategy efforts at a digital marketing agency, I spend a good segment of my work week chasing productivity at home. These tips and tools are what I love using to keep the ship sailing full steam ahead for both the family and the business.

1. Asana

At its heart, Asana is simply a project and task manager. However, in practice, it’s a greater and far more versatile beast! For the business, ensuring all of our campaigns roll out on time, our website development projects get built faster and more efficiently, and our clients’ overall marketing stays on point, Asana is where it all happens. Each team member has their task list of things to do to get the job done, while also having their own “Personal” Asana section for housing their personal life to do lists if they wish. This makes Asana the all in one.

I can use the calendar view to map my personal and business needs in the same place, and it’s not in the distracting realm of email!

2. Slack

Let it be said, Slack is more than just a messaging service. The gifs make a fun addition to team communications and Slack’s user experience is seamless across all devices. For mums on the go, it’s easy to answer any work related messages while you’re out at the park, running errands or taking the baby for a walk to rock them to sleep.

However, it’s the way you can organise different channels around topic, theme, team or project that makes for a simple and effective communication platform. Furthermore, keeping all business related communications in one place helps to separate work and family conversations.

3. Evernote & Scannable

A reliable and intuitive note taking system really is the bread and butter of staying productive. Throughout the day, there will be countless ideas and things to remember. Without the right system in place, they’ll become flyaway thoughts that may never come back.

Evernote is like an online workspace, with virtual notebooks to categorise and file your notes.
Scannable, Evernote’s companion app, allows you to quickly scan and upload documents. It’s super easy to hang on to everything from business cards to receipts (to help keep track of those business expenses!) once you’ve scanned and saved your virtual copy.

4. The “Quiet Box”

The idea behind a “quiet box” is simple: store different fun activities inside different boxes for the days of the week, each with the promise of enjoyment for your kids and some peace for you! Anything from craft projects to colouring books to boardgames will allow you a much needed productivity window in your day.

5. The TV

You might be surprised to see TV is on the list, but bear with me. Your kids’ TV time is guaranteed peace and quiet for a short while, therefore it’s useful to grab hold of it! Of course turning your kids into couch potatoes is never a good idea. Though it is surefire entertainment if you have a non negotiable Skype or phone call to make.

While there will always be those days when neverending task lists and everyday emergencies arise, productivity is very much achievable! What are your secrets to managing distractions and getting into the productive zone at home?

About the Author: Harriet is a Content Strategist at a Sydney based inbound marketing agency. She creates smarter marketing campaigns for brands and businesses looking for something a little more ‘human’.

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