5 Fantastic Fundraising Ideas for Schools

There just never seems to be enough funds in the coffers for keeping schools up-to-date on materials. And forget about those expensive school field trips that parents can no longer afford and schools aren’t in a position to fund. Why not set your parents loose on fundraising campaigns to raise the money to do all those really exciting things that are such an important part of growing up? If you are a headmaster interested in raising money for your school or a parent looking to help raise money for various projects, why not consider these five fantastic fundraising ideas?

1. Walk-a-thons

While smaller children in primary grades may be too young to do much participating in walk-a-thons, older primary students and secondary pupils surely could raise funds through pledges. The idea is to go around with a sign-up form and have members of the community pledge so much per unit walked. In many countries the children ask for an amount per mile and when the child tires and ends his or her walk, the distance is tallied, notated on their sheet and they then go around and collect on the pledges. Thousands of pounds can be raised in this way and quite often the money from a walk-a-thon is used to buy new gear and equipment for the sports program.

2. Flower Bulb Sales

Just before spring is set to hit, children take orders for flower bulbs. There are quite a number of lovely flowers that are grown from bulbs and when it is time to begin thinking about tending the garden, members of the community are more than ready to stock up on bulbs.

3. Christmas Card and Gift Fundraiser

The typical time to order Christmas cards and gifts to be sold for the holidays is early in the spring the year prior. Sometimes gifts are ordered through a small magazine that children take around after school but other times the schools like to order boxes and boxes of Christmas cards from sites like IQ Cards that can customise the text if needed. In order to fill all orders in time for the autumn Christmas card sale, it is usually a good idea to have your order in before mid-March. So many schools around the country raise money through a Christmas card fundraiser that it really is necessary to get your order in early. Even so, this is a fantastic (and fun!) way to raise money for your school.

4. Carnivals

There are various kinds of carnivals that your school can sponsor to raise money from exotic traveling fairs with rides and puppet shows to small endeavors that your school puts together 100% from activities you have on hand. Sometimes a carnival is designed with inflatable jumping ‘rides’ while other times they offer petting zoos, and renaissance puppet shows like Punch and Judy. Carnivals typically have lots of fun activities and good treats to eat and all profits go towards funding projects within the school. This is one of the all-time favorites for younger primary grades.

5. School Musicals

No child is too young to act the ham on stage so school musicals are a great way to raise funds. Put on a play or musical and sell tickets within the community. The best approach here is to calculate how much money you need divided by the number of seats available to see just how much to charge for each ticket. If that amount seems too outlandish you can always reduce it before the tickets go to print, but do try to keep the price high enough to actually accomplish something with the money you raise.

As a parent or a school headmaster, your primary concern is to educate the children. However, it can be quite difficult to do if you don’t have the funds to buy the materials you need. These five fantastic fundraising ideas for schools can help you collect the funds you are so in need of whilst having a bit of fun at the same time. It’s never too early to start thinking of next year’s budget so get started today. When the new term rolls in you will be so glad you did.

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