5 Simple Rules for Packing and Moving Your Things and Pets

The Packaging of the things should be in the following order. Start with the farthest corners, and cabinets. It is in these places, as a rule, that most of these things are stored that you rarely use, and that do not require particularly careful packaging.

After that, start packing the books. Place them in medium-sized boxes or tie them together, fold in a pile of 10-15 pieces, wrap with hard paper or plastic wrap. You can use adhesive tape.

Move your pets

If you move with your pets, think about how you can make transportation as easy as possible for them. Of course, it is best to purchase a special cage for transporting cats, and your favorite dog can travel on a leash or muzzle depending on its composition. Since you can forget important documents in the vanity of moving, take care of them in advance, putting them in a small backpack or bag, which will always be with you.

Very rarely the process of moving passes without any unpredictable situations, therefore your main task will be to make the utmost efforts to ensure that the entire process is constantly under control. Or you can ask a moving company for help at https://movers.best/orange-county/costa-mesa-movers/. Only in this way you can get to a new place with minimal losses of both your strengths and nerves!

Move your clothes

Pillows, blankets, mattresses, curtains, voluminous winter clothes are most conveniently packed in large plastic bags. Put clothing into travel bags, suitcases. Clothing that is not desirable to be crushed is transported on temples packed in large boxes or plastic bags that were specially designed for this purpose.

When the main things are collected, proceed to the packaging of kitchen utensils. It is best to do this on the eve of departure. Sort the dishes into fragile, delicate (ceramics, glass, etc.) and the dishes that are sturdy (pots, pans, cutting boards, cutlery, etc.). Place them into different boxes, wrapping fragile dishes into paper or in bubble wrap in order to avoid further unpleasant surprises.

In the end, work with mirrors, glass shelves, and various doors. Such objects should be packed in cardboard and taped with adhesive tape.

Move your household appliances

Household appliances should be packed in their original packaging if it is available. Otherwise, look for something similar. Pay special attention to the packaging of monitors and televisions. Install additional cushioning pads of cardboard to protect screens from mechanical influences from the outside.

Sign boxes

Write inscriptions with information about the contents on each of the boxes. Also, number each of the boxes. Inscriptions should be clear and legible, this will facilitate the analysis of things. Make a list with the boxes numbers and their contents. In this case, you will know exactly where and what kind of thing lies. In the event of the loss of any of the boxes, you will be able to determine exactly what was lost.

Move upholstered furniture

Collapsible upholstered furniture is better tolerated and transported in parts, this will greatly facilitate and speed up the process. All fasteners and small parts should be assembled in a separate box or bag. Transforming sofa must be tied with a strong rope before transportation, which will prevent unauthorized operation of the folding mechanism at the most inopportune moment. Pre-wrap furniture with a stretch tape, you can also use bubble wrap. But leather armchairs, sofas, and poufs are recommended to be transported in a dense cloth, which not only protects them from damage but also protects it from frost in the cold season.

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