Advertising Your House For Sale: What You Need to Know

The housing market today is extremely competitive, and it’s not just because of the increase in available housing. Marketing your house in today’s property world can be difficult unless you know what you’re doing, and the many ways in which you can advertise a home. There’s the Internet – which, according to Reader’s Digest, as many as 92 percent of homeowners use to start their search – and there are local papers, word of mouth, open house events, hitting up community boards and spreading the word at your local gym, bakery, and barber shop.

Getting a house sold in Thailand is no different than anywhere else in the world – to up your chances, you have to get people to see your offering. Only today, with all the houses and condos and apartments out there, getting your listing seen can be a little daunting. But don’t worry – here are a couple extremely helpful tips to get you started on advertising your house the right way.

Get in Touch With a Competent Agent

There are dozens of different ways how you can immediately start improving your existing listings and getting the word out there that your place is for sale – but not one of those efforts will be as quick and easy and getting in touch with a real estate agents. Make sure it’s someone who’s specialized and intimately experienced with your area, so they can make the most informed decisions as to who usually buys houses like yours, and for what price they go the fastest.

An agent won’t just help you set the groundwork for the pricing and targeting, they’ll also be instrumentally helpful in staging your place for a sale. Agents typically come with their own photographer or some photography skills to begin with, and with a single simple conversation, an agent can direct you towards the trouble areas of your place that need work or renovation that you might have otherwise simply missed.

Selling a house isn’t starting a hedge fund, but it does require a fair amount of networking as well. This is a real estate agent’s greatest boon. While you’d have to start from scratch with little to no reputation in the real estate business, a professional has the clout to bring your place to the forefront of people’s social media feeds, Google searches and online directories. In addition to that, real estate agents have a better idea of how to formulate an online listing so potential buyers are more likely to click on it, and find the house of their dreams.

Aside from getting an agent to help you put your abode on the market front, right, left and center, there is more work to be done to get your house put onto show prominently.

Stage Your Place

The importance of staging an abode is absolutely paramount to getting it sold. Staging refers to going through an effort to pretty your place up, removing any personal items without making the house too impersonal (so removing family photos and religious items, but keeping paintings and vases and other décor of the sort), giving it a deep clean in every aspect, and then ensuring that it’s properly lit for a photo shoot. A more in-depth, step-by-step process to staging a residence might look something like this:

  • Take care of any structural issues. Whether it’s a wobbly table or anything else that might not be entirely up to specifications, make sure that whatever you might’ve neglected to fix in the past is entirely fixed before you sell your residence. This way you can drive up its value and make it much more attractive to potential homebuyers.
  • Consider a fresh coat of paint. This could be literal, but it could also be metaphorical. You don’t need to give your place a new paintjob, but changing something about its appearance to make it seem newer – like changing the blinds and curtains, replacing the door, installing new shiny sinks – can go a long way.
  • Give it a thorough scrubbing. Everything from the floors to the ceiling should be cleaned out, and all windows and doors should be kept open to make sure you let any potential smells air out. The problem with living in one place for too long is that you get used to the way it smells, and often, you won’t notice scents that others might consider pungent, or noticeable.
  • Offer refreshments and sweet snacks. These are tips for when potential buyers actually come over to visit. If you’re confident in your baking skills, making some cookies or something else for buyers to casually snack on while they explore the house can leave a pleasant memory in the mind, and help you make the house smell like baked goods.

Set Up an Online Presence

If you have an agent, this is a good place to start working with your agent to improve the odds of getting your residence sold. From starting a vlog (a video log) online on video streaming websites like YouTube to getting going on an online photo catalogue to show off your place’s interior and exterior and provide some extra information on its history, the history of the community, the neighborhood and its neighbors, some nearby amenities and more, every little step will help you promote your abode and make it show up on search results.

One definite way to boost your views is to get your abode on a free advertise listing service. Websites like DDProperty allow you to do this, all while also letting you get your home listed alongside other residences in the area. This can work to your benefit. By coordinating with your agent, you can produce beautiful pictures of your home and link to your or your agent’s page to further entice potential buyers by hyping them up on the property.

Alleviate the Buyer’s Worries

Getting your home inspected for things most homeowners might be worried about can also go a long way to making your residence that much more attractive to potential buyers. Think termite inspections, disaster-proofing, a good and cheap home insurance quote, and more signs that point towards a safe, quality building with years on the deed and no major problems or risks. Termites are a problem specifically, causing as much as US$400 billion in structural damages in Southeast Asia in 2005 alone, particularly in countries with much urbanization like Thailand according to the IIAS.

Clean Up the Yard

You’d be surprised how far a beautiful yard can get you. It doesn’t matter if you’ve only got a little balcony or something as beautiful as a lush and colorful flowerbed, there’s always a little something you can do to manicure the yard and make it that much more beautiful. Remember — first impressions matter a lot.

Offer a Fair and Accurate Price

Pricing is a tricky thing if you’re not in contact with a professional who can get it right for you. Basically, too high of a price and no one will want to buy your home – but if you go too low, that might not necessarily change. If your price is low but there’s nothing superficially wrong with your home compared to others, then that’s a red flag for home buyers.

They’ll think something is wrong with your home that you’re not admitting, and thus they’ll stay away. That’s why it’s important to talk with your agent and get an accurate appraisal of how much your home is really worth. Once you’ve got that in the bag, it’s just a matter of waiting for the right buyer.

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