How to Balance Work and Motherhood

According to, women make up 50% of the workforce in the U.S.A., with almost four in every 10 American homes having a mom who’s also holding down a career. Being a full-time working mother is definitely becoming more common, but it can still lead many moms to feelings of guilt and stress due to the need to divide attention between work and family. As a working mom, it’s important to have a good plan in place for getting the perfect balance between your professional and family lives. Here are just some ways in which you can create greater balance between your career and motherhood.

Online Learning

Are you looking to further your career but don’t want to dedicate any more time away from home? As a mom, it can be difficult to return to education to help advance your career when you have the demands of motherhood to think about as well. However, online courses are available in a whole range of different subjects and levels, whether you’re looking to gain your GED or want to do a Master of Science in Nursing online. There are universities such as Bradley Edu online learning, you have the flexibility to fit your studies in around your family and job.

Let Go of Guilt

It is not uncommon for working moms to feel guilty about the amount of time they spend at work or study instead of with their children. However, rather than looking at it this way, think about how your career role is benefiting the family. Perhaps your career allows you to save for your child’s education, or maybe you are taking a course yourself such as a Master of Science in Nursing which can help you to gain a promotion at work and bring home more income. Rather than feel guilty, you should feel proud that you are contributing to your family and ensuring that you can afford to give your children a good upbringing. It’s important to know that you’re not alone — online and-in person discussion groups as well as friends who are also working moms can offer valuable support.

Find Good Childcare

When you’re a working mom, you still need to prioritize your kids and the care that they get when you’re at work. Making sure that you have a good support network and high-quality childcare can give you peace of mind while you’re working and take away some of the stress of being a working mom. If your children are not yet of school age, asking around within your network of friends and family about recommendations for day care centers, nannies and babysitters will help ensure that you find good and reliable childcare. If you’re currently studying for a degree such as a Master of Science in Nursing to further your career, your school or university may provide childcare options that you can take advantage of.

Being a working mom can be stressful, but it’s all about achieving the right balance between work and family.

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