Easy Ways to Make Your Blog Better

We often want to improve our blogs. This could be to be allow you to monetize, to help your blog to grow, or just to give yourself a bit of a challenge and test your skills. If you want to make some changes to improve your blog, here are some great places to start.

Look at Your Content

Does your blog still communicate the right information? While its ok to go off niche occasionally, generally you want to stick to the same topic, or closely related topics. But, sometimes this might change depending on your life. If you started a blog as a student of CNS nursing degrees online, but now you have graduated, it might be time to update to a healthcare blog.

Change Your Branding

Refreshing branding is a great way to keep things clean and exciting. You don’t necessarily need a whole new logo or theme, just some small changes can make a big difference. Just remember you will need to change your logo on all your social media profiles also.

Check Your Plugins

If you have any inactive plugins, delete them, they are just slowing things down. The same with unused photographs. Also, check that all your plugins and your theme are running the current updates. Download any you need.

Update Your SEO

It’s a good idea to check your SEO on earlier posts. When you first started out, you might not have known all that you do now, but these posts are still a part of your site. Make sure all the images have titles and alt text, and that your posts have meta titles and descriptions. Another important thing to check is that your site is mobile friendly, and offers the same great user experience across all platforms. Mobile internet usage is growing all the time. The best way to check this is to try it out for yourself.

Ask for Help

One of the best, and most often missed, ways to find out what people want from your site is to ask them. Engaging with readers is an incredibly important part of blogging. So, why not ask for advice and opinions. This is a great way to get some ideas to improve your site, but will also make readers feel involved and appreciated.

A good first step is to set yourself some targets for the year ahead. Where do you want to be this time next year? This list can include how many subscribes you’d like to have, brands you’d like to work with, or an amount of money you’d like to make. Then work out an action plan to help you to get there. Which areas of your blog do you feel need the most attention? Then get going, one step at a time. Always remember why you started though. If you were a student, an MSN clinical nurse specialist at Regis perhaps, blogging about healthcare, did you want to help people? Sometimes we can become obsessed with goals and improvements and forget the love we have of blogging and sharing information. Remind yourself every now and then.

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