What to Expect from a Career in Social Work

Have you been thinking about getting into a career that will allow you to help others in a variety of ways every day? Then a career in social work could be exactly what you are looking for. But after you get your masters in social work from a school like Rutgers University and you are ready to hit the job market, what should you expect from this career? Keep reading to learn more so you can be fully prepared.

Your Duties Will Vary

No two social worker positions will be exactly the same. Instead, the position that you take will ultimately dictate what your duties will be every day. This basically means that your duties could be very different from one job to another, and you will also need to change the way that you work based upon the people that you are trying to help. For example, you will have very different job duties if you are working as a child social worker as opposed to as a substance abuse social worker.

You Will Be Working Directly with People

Regardless of what career in social work you decide to pursue, you are going to be working directly with people in need. You may be working directly with elderly individuals who need help, or you may be working on helping people overcome their addiction to drugs. But in addition to helping people directly and counseling them on a one-on-one basis, you may also work on advocating for them and their needs, seeking to create changes in society to make people’s lives easier and more positive.

You Will Be Challenged

Social work is not an easy field, and you should expect that you will be met with many different challenges every day. Sometimes you will encounter very negative situations. For example, if you are a child social worker, you may encounter many instances of child neglect and abuse. These cases can be difficult to swallow, but you will have to push through and do everything in your power to get those kids to safety as soon as possible. So in addition to being compassionate and patient, you will also need to be strong and resilient.

You Will Be Rewarded

Even though a career in social work is not always easy, you will definitely be rewarded for your efforts. When you get a child to safety, when you help a family get the assistance that they need, when you are able to help someone overcome their addiction, and when you help children in school succeed in the classroom, you will know that what you are doing is making a big difference in the lives of others. In those moments, you will realize that all of the challenges along the way were more than worth it.

These are just a few of the things that you can expect from the ever-expanding field of social work. To qualify for the best jobs, get your MSW online so that you can learn exactly what it takes to succeed.

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