Five Best Professions for Moms

Having a family and managing a career can be difficult if you don’t find a job within your area of passion that is also flexible and designed to meet the needs of your busy lifestyle. What follows are five popular opportunities for working while raising your family so that you can continue to have downtime and enjoy your family while also bringing in an income and contributing to your own professional development and passions. Of course, there are plenty more job opportunities out there for a busy mom, but these are some of the most popular.


There is a reason that so many women enjoy being realtors and it is because along with the flexibility and the opportunity to receive incredible commissions, they get to use their skills connecting with other people to help them find their dream home. Many moms find this is an excellent way to network with those in search of a property to purchase while also balancing a busy schedule. “Real estate is a great field for any mom that’s either looking to supplement her income or become a mommyprenuer. It allows the flexibility in creating your schedule that works to be able to maintain a family life.” says Elionora Dudayeva, a realtor in Boca Raton, FL.


Although being a teacher requires certification and a special desire to work with young children, it often makes it easier to be a mother because you can have the same school schedule as your children or relatively close. This makes carpooling and driving around to activities that much easier and also allows you to enjoy snow days and other holidays with your kids as well.

Freelance Writing

Being an online writer or working online in any capacity has a tremendous amount of flexibility that often appeals to moms who need to have adjustable schedules. Working as a freelancer allows you to do as much or as little as you want within the timeframe that you have. You can make a full time income out of being a freelancer or you can earn part time money even when you have a busy schedule and many other responsibilities.

Website Designer

If you have graphic or web design skills, you can put these skills to work at a digital agency or working for yourself. This allows you to make money based on your advanced skillset and allows you to tap into your creative side as well.

Childcare Specialist

Childcare can be extremely rewarding as well as challenging, but it also gives you an opportunity to have a little bit more of a flexible schedule. Many families only require a few hours of childcare to time, which means that you can look after your own child as well as others and still be making extra money.

Pet Services

If you love spending time with pets, becoming a professional pet sitter is a great opportunity to bring in extra money while being a working mother. You may be surprised to learn just how many people demand pet sitter services these days. You don’t have to work full time to manage this job and you can roll this in with house sitting and pet care while people are on vacation to adjust to your schedule.

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