Which Foods Cause Tooth Decay in Young Children?

Teaching your kids to eat the right foods from a young age is important not only for their overall health and the maintenance of a healthy weight; it is also really important in preventing tooth decay, particularly in young children. There are certain foods that are more likely to cause tooth decay and require an unwanted trip to the dentist, so consider cutting these foods out of your child’s diet, or at least keeping them to a minimum and teaching your kids to brush and floss after eating them.

First Off, Choose the Right Dentist for Regular Checkups

Before diving into what foods cause tooth decay in young children, you should find the appropriate dentist with experience in working with children. A great example is Bakersfield family dentist, Dr. Scott Wallace DDS – Family Dentistry. These professionals will know exactly how to keep your child as calm as possible, as no one wants to be at the dentist’s office to begin with, and they will also know exactly how to remedy any problems that have occurred with your child’s teeth, regardless of how diligent you are in teaching your kids to brush properly.

Sugary Drinks

Sugary drinks, including juices, should only be given to young children for short periods of time. If your child will be sipping on a beverage for an extended period, it is best to switch to water in order to protect the health of the teeth. This is especially important if your child uses a sippy cup or something similar, as those cups can increase the exposure of the sugary drink on the teeth.

White Flour

“White foods” are also bad for your young child’s teeth, much as your son or daughter might crave these particular foods. They include white bread, pasta, and white rice, which all taste great, but could result in tooth decay and gum disease because they consist of simple carbohydrates that break down quickly into sugars. Soft white bread should be avoided because it can stick to your child’s teeth. To help prevent these problems, give your child whole grain versions, such as whole grain pasta and cereal, brown rice, and whole wheat bread.

Fruit Snacks

You may think that you are doing something good for your child when you give him or her some dried fruit snacks instead of candy, but the truth is that these sticky, sugary foods can cling to the teeth and even settle between the teeth, causing damage to the gums as bacteria begin to grow. So instead of providing these types of snacks, opt instead for fresh fruit, such as strawberries, mangoes, grapes, and melons that have been cut into small pieces. You can even give your child a little bit of chocolate or some ice cream in order to satisfy his or her sweet tooth, as those are less detrimental than sticky dried fruit.

By feeding your child right, you can watch him or her grow big and strong from the inside out, and you can also make sure that you are doing everything possible to keep his or her teeth clean and strong as well.

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