Great Accessories for an Active Family

Enjoying the great outdoors with your family is the best way to bond, enjoy nature, and get away from the stress of everyday life. When trekking into the wilderness with your family, it’s important to be prepared because you never know what you’ll face. Having the right accessories on hand can make your trip much more enjoyable, and can end up keeping you and your family safe.

Quality Backpacks

Whether you’re going on a hike or a camping trip, a good quality backpack is an ideal solution for all of your camping gear. Features to look for when selecting a quality camping backpack are:

  • Padded shoulder straps
  • Front webbing to store accessory attachments
  • Water resistance
  • Interior sleeves
  • Back channel with breathable mesh
  • Reflective tape
  • Coated rip-stop panel

If you plan to take electronics with you, having a good bag designed for electronics is important. Lander makes great bags that are stylish and keep your electronics safe.

Filtering Water Bottles

Everyone in your family should have their own filtrating water bottle. These water bottles are ideal for allowing you to drink the water you find in nature without consuming containments and pollutants as well. With a filtering water bottle, you end up saving money and reducing water because the filters provide hundreds of full water bottle’s worth of delicious fresh water. You can also look for added features that will keep your water cool.

Power Banks

Power banks are really good to have on hand because they’ll allow you to recharge your electronic devices when hiking, camping, or when you’re anywhere without a way to charge your device. Most individuals have found themselves in the position of having a phone die when they need it the most. With a power bank, you won’t have to be in that situation. Power banks come in quick charging options and options that allow you to see exactly how much charge is left.

Survival Knife

If you’re an experienced camper, you probably already know that you can never be fully prepared when camping. Something you definitely don’t want to leave behind is a good survival knife. Since there are many types of survival knives available, you’ll need to find the one that best fits your needs. Knives can be good for cutting kindling, gutting fish, getting through thick brush, and survival against a wild animal. There are many factors to consider when looking for the best survival knife, including the price, what you need it for, the situations you’ll possibly face, and if you need to conceal it or not.

Heavy-Duty Phone Cases

Your phone is very important, especially when you’re exploring the outdoors. Without proper protection, a simple drop can destroy your phone. When it comes to cases for the outdoors, you are not limited to using bulky ones; instead, there are many available in a sleek design. When searching for heavy duty phone cases, make sure you find one that provides full coverage with a slim fit. Other good features include textured edges, raised bezel, and stylish ridges.

Spending time outdoors with your family is great, but it’s important always to be prepared. Take time finding the best gear and accessories to allow your camping trip to go smoothly and safely. Always prepare for unforeseen events to occur, including running into a wild animal or dropping your phone. Thinking ahead is the smartest thing anyone can do before they go camping.

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