Helping Your Teen Prepare for the Driving Theory Test

Some mums get so nervous when their teen is preparing for a test that you would think they are the ones taking the exam. It is the same when your child is preparing for the driving theory test. The good news is, there are resources to help. If your son or daughter is preparing for the written portion of the driving test, here are some things you can do to help.

Talk to Them about Staying Calm

Do you remember when you were in university and you had that all important final exam coming up? You would fill yourself with coffee and hit the books until you were so tired you couldn’t see straight in front of you. Talk to them about how important it is to stay calm so that stress hormones aren’t released into the system. Help them learn relaxation exercises to breathe in and out slowly and consciously to control his or her heart and breathing rate. It is a proven fact that students do much better testing when they are calm.

Give Them Study Aids They May Need

If your child (young adult but always a child to you!) says they are having trouble assimilating the knowledge they will need to pass the driving theory test, show them where they can find study aids to help them learn what needs to be learned. There are a number of resources online, books in the book store and even their driving class may have hand-outs to help them better understand the questions being asked.

Be Available to Answer Questions

It isn’t always enough to point your teen in the right direction when learning driving theory. The important thing is to be there for them if they have questions they need answered. Just providing study aids isn’t always enough because that may not be clear either and they will need information that only you can give as a parent because you know what they will understand.

Show Them Where They Can Take Practice Tests

There are sites online where your son or daughter can take free practice driving theory tests. Show your teen these sites and encourage their use. After answering the same question, perhaps posed in different ways, a great number of times, your learner driver will soon assimilate that knowledge.

Help Them Prepare Mentally in the Days Leading Up to the Test

Now then, getting back to where you began helping them to prepare, it is vital to express just how important it is to stay calm. Teach them to breathe and think the question through. Help them learn to visualise what the question is asking. In this way they will be better able to give the right answer with little stress that could interfere for what lies ahead. They also need to get plenty of rest, drink at least one full glass of water, visit the lavatory and again – remain calm!

As a parent you can help your son or daughter prepare for the written driving theory test. Just remember to keep yourself calm and some of that may rub off on your child. Any help you give your learner driver now will help them in the future so remember this and soon you will have one mighty happy qualified young driver on your hands.

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