How to Keep Your Home Clean When You Have Dogs

Living with dogs is one of the simple yet immense joys in life. Dogs love you no matter what; it’s that simple. It is also very rewarding to come home after a long day and have your dogs all excited that you’re back. Kids love playing with dogs and the entire family can take part in taking care of them.

Keeping the house clean when you have dogs is another story. With two dogs living in the house, I know how difficult it is to keep things organized and clean. These next few tips we are about to discuss in this article, however, will help you keep your home clean without a problem.

Start with Your Dogs

The best way to get started with keeping the house clean is by keeping your dogs’ clean. The number of times you need to brush and clean your dogs every day depends highly on the type of breed you have. For long-haired breeds like the Shih Tzu, for instance, brushing the dogs’ hair daily is definitely a must.

Brushing and regular cleaning will help prevent hairs from flying and landing everywhere. This alone will help make cleaning the house much easier to do. You can also deal with other potential issues – such as bad odor – in the same way.

The next big thing to do is to have your dogs’ potty trained. This is something you should do when they’re still puppies, but you can still train an older dog if you have to. There’s a great tip to use in the next section.

Set Boundaries and Get Organized

Another important thing to do is to set boundaries for the dogs. This is also something that can be taught through repetition and careful planning. To prevent your dogs from eliminating all around the house, for instance, there are a few things you can do:

  • Set an area outside the house where they can eliminate. If you live in an apartment, you can also choose a spot inside. Use an adult diaper to prevent spills and other problems.
  • Always take the puppies or your dogs to the same spot to do their business and praise them with some treats afterwards.
  • When they try to eliminate in other places, stop them with a swift warning. Don’t yell at your dogs afterwards.
  • Clean the mess using oxalic acid for bleaching wood (you can buy this here). This will remove all of the smell and prevent your dogs from returning to that spot the next time they need to eliminate.

More Cleaning Tips

The rest of the cleaning tasks should be fairly light now that the main issues have been handled. You can use a vacuum cleaner or a Swiffer to clean dog hairs from the floor and other places. You can also use a freshener and the oxalic acid we talked about earlier to remove stains and help eliminate smells. Lint brushes designed for clothing and dry sponges will help you remove pet hair on clothing and furniture.

You have to clean more often with dogs in the house, but the extra time and effort is definitely well it. These tips will make it easier to keep the house clean and your family happy.

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