Do You Know What is Conversion Analytics?

First of all you will be served with a basic thing which would serve you with the following important details regarding your web traffic:

  • The exact number of visitors
  • The demographics of traffic
  • Pages most visited to pages least visited
  • The actions they take when they see your call to action: e.g. closing them down
  • The reasons why visitors leave your site without any engagement

The key questions to ask when it comes to failing conversion rate:

  • Do you get the traffic you need?

If a top optimizing expert sees that the daily traffic of a website is quite high, but still no one wants to engage then they will rightfully assume that something is going wrong. If an optimization expert sees that your traffic doesn’t come from the right places or through worthy resources then they need to start a meticulous check to find out what’s going wrong.

  • Structure and Coding:
    1. Is the page set up to invite traffic from the target regions?
    2. Can users see your pop up call to actions at all? Most browsers have the functions to stop pop-ups and most people set these to not let pop-ups come up. Is the call to actions designed in a way to bypass this block?
    3. Do the leading page and the website work properly?
    4. Is it sure there is no technical issue behind users stopping a subscription or buying process?
  • Promotion and links
    1. Is the website properly being promoted for a certain targeted group of people who are the most likely to make leads for you?
    2. Do your links you have gained over time really work for you?
  • Does your campaign really work for you?

You have set up a Pay per Click strategy that should really work, but although you get the clicks, nothing ever happens, except for your budget which is constantly going down. Its right to assume your campaign doesn’t get to the target audience it’s been destined for. What are the reasons for that?  A professional will be happy to find this all out for you.

The most likely reasons are the following:

  • Working without geo-targeting
  • Not having a social media campaign strategy
  • The whole process went down without any previous research
  • The campaign is simply not good enough to draw enough attention
  • Lack of a fan base who would help sharing your content with the right people

As you can see there are tons of phases where a previously built-up strategy can fail the whole process. That’s exactly why every business needs the active presence and cooperation of a marketing and optimization expert who will find out the reasons that led to the failure and give a helping hand in fixing all these both technically and content-wise.

As having a good conversion rate is crucial for a business, I would suggest you to find the best Kansas City SEO service provider to analyze, resole and provide a constant monitoring to make sure your website converts well in the future.


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