Make Your House a Home You Love

As a mom, it can be hard to find the right balance in your life, but it is essential you do for your health and wellbeing. It’s not always as easy as it sounds, though, is it? The full time or part time work you do to pay the bills can take upwards of 40 hours of your week just on its own. Then you factor in doing the school run before and after work for another ten or so hours per week. We’re already at 50 hours, notice a pattern here yet?

The household tasks including cooking, cleaning and gardening can quickly take up another ten hours. Not to mention doing the weekly shopping or helping the kids with hobbies/after school activities. There can’t be that much time left in the week, surely! The point is that all the responsibilities of being a mom can impact your personal life. Having children is one of the most joyous things to happen in our lives, but it does have its downsides. You will have less of a social life and things you might like to have done take a back seat, particularly in the early years. It is important to think of yourself from time to time, if only as a reward for all the hard work you do, if not because it is a worthwhile objective all in itself.

Improving your living space with a home makeover is one of the small things you can do to make your home significantly brighter and therefore increase your overall wellbeing. As a bonus, some renovations can even enhance the value of your home, at worst they can reasonably be expected to make it easier to sell if you’re looking to upsize or downsize. Here are some simple home makeover ideas to give you the inspiration to be creative about your living space.

Different Styles of Home Décor

There are many different styles of décor that you can find inspiration in, depending on how much you want to do of course! Here are some of the main styles in popular use throughout homes across the country today.

Modern – This style is one recommended to anyone because it has many advantages. It is characterized by its simple ethos and elegant design. Incorporating modern materials; this method also gives a durable home – this is very important if you have young children trying to tear up the house all the time! Think of laminate flooring that snaps together easily so anyone with basic DIY skills can have a go. Another benefit is that it cutting edge production methods make the modern style very affordable for those of you on a tight budget. The style doesn’t just have to be inside your home, though. You can get new guttering and siding made of durable materials (i.e. vinyl or aluminum) that can last for years with minimal maintenance – which is a very good time saver of course!

Shabby-Chic – Another great option, especially for those on a budget because you can quickly make shabby chic furniture yourself. Shabby chic is like having a vintage feel but with a modern twist. A popular way to get this style into your home is to buy old or used furniture (sometimes free!), paint it up in a light or pastel color and slightly fade it with a light abrasive to give it a worn or vintage look. Match the wall color to a similar light style and you can have a shabby chic room on a shoestring budget!

Rustic or Farmhouse – The rising popularity of the rustic look is a testament to its timeless design. Recognized by grand oak beams spanning ceilings, intricate grainy wood paneling walls and finely finished hardwood floorboards you can see why it has lasted generations where others have fallen out of fashion. The outside of a rustic home is just as important as the inside. Weather vanes on pitched roofs and wooden or stone cladding and siding give it an authentic feel. New guttering materials such as copper gradually fade over time to give your home that extra originality with the durability of modern guttering.

I’ll Never Find Time to Do Any of This!

It can be difficult to find the time to a home makeover yourself, but the rewards are plentiful. If you are a keen DIY’er, you should be able to do a shabby chic style with ease and on a budget. If you are not so confident or want guaranteed workmanship, search around for a local company like St. Louis Guttering who can work with your ideas to give your dream tailor-made home – it will be well worth it to your personal wellbeing in the long run.

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