How Mental Disorders Can Lead to Addiction

Mental Illness is a serious condition that affects nearly 20% of Americans. Most times these individuals go on with their lives without anyone ever noticing there’s an underlining problem. The most common forms are anxiety and depression. If you or anyone you know, is suffering in silence there is help available. Facilities like Hotel California By the Sea has highly trained medical care professionals to get you the resources you need to live life to the fullest.

What are the symptoms of Anxiety or Depression?

An anxious person doesn’t wake up and see the sun shining as a great day ahead. For this person they look for any possible problem that can happen. There are many different levels ranging from mild to debilitating. Many people develop this illness in their teens and it progresses, as they grow older. A person can have a fear of public speaking, doctors, shopping or carry a persistent doom and gloom cloud waiting for the worst possible outcome in any given situation. They often have an accelerated heart rate, noticeable trembling or shaking or serious panic attacks. A person who suffers from depression often feels that their life in nothing and that they have no impact. They exclude themselves from parties and social gatherings, feel anxious, sleep often and may over eat. You can fight off anxiety and depression with the proper help.

How does Anxiety or Depression lead to alcohol or drug abuse?

Many people who progress to the next level of the mental illness will have a drink or try drugs to feel alive. It temporarily removes them from their insecurities. Over time, they develop a need for alcohol or drugs to function, acting now as a form of self-medication. Unfortunately, once the alcohol or drugs wear off they again feel their anxiety or depression. Thus, they are now addicted. Having a co-dependency on drugs or alcohol is a dangerous scenario. In the beginning, you only need a drink or two or a couple of pills to enjoy your day, but as your body develops a need for it, you take more.

At what age are people prone to developing a drug or alcohol addiction?

While an addiction as a result of a mental illness can happen at any age, most people begin to abuse drugs or alcohol in their teens. This is a critical time in a person’s life. Acceptance plays a prominent role. When a teen suffers from depression or anxiety, they often do it in silence. They attend parties and drink or take drugs as a way of opening up and fitting in with their peers. Studies show that teens who try drugs and alcohol often develop a serious dependency that carries over to their adult life.

Help is available

The good news is that doctors are now recognizing mental illness as a serious disease. There are nearly 60 million Americans that have some form of mental illness. You are not alone and treatments are available. If you or a loved one has an addiction to drugs or alcohol there are several things you can do. One, a rehab center can remove the dependency. This combined with counseling can help you work through the illness, allowing you to enjoy a bright future.

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