Modern Grieving: How Voicemails and Call Recordings Can Console and Comfort

If you are grieving following the death of a loved one, you may find comfort in listening back to their old voicemails or calls that you have recorded. Here’s a guide to how to save voicemails and record calls, as well as how to back them up so you don’t lose them.

Save Your Voicemails

There’s a chance that you already have some voicemails of your friend or family member that you can listen back to. You may have these on your phone or on a tape. Wherever they are, you will want to save them so that they are safe and won’t get lost, and there are a few ways to do this.

Most people will have voicemails on their cell phones. If so, you will want to get these off your cell phone and somewhere else where you can keep them safe.

Some smartphones allow you to do this by saving messages to an online storage solution, and this is the best option if you can do it. Otherwise, you may be able to save the file to your computer directly by using software.

If you cannot save your voicemails, you may want to call your carrier. They should be able to give you instructions to download voicemails, and you can then save them on your computer or in the cloud.

If you have a message on cassette, firstly make sure you keep the tape safe. However, cassettes don’t last forever, so you should always make a digital backup. You could record it using a digital recorder, or you could send it to a specialist company to convert it into MP3 format.

Record Your Calls

Another option to consider is recording calls from people as they are made to your smartphone, and this is easier than you might think.

This will allow you to preserve your calls so that if something ever happened to someone you love, you will be able to listen back to their calls whenever you want to.

For the purposes of this article, we’ll discuss Android devices because these are the most popular. If you have an Android smartphone, you will need a dedicated app to record calls, and one of the best is Automatic Call Recorder for Me.

This call recorder app allows you to quickly and conveniently record calls to your phone. You can set it up to record automatically, and you can sort the calls by date or contact.

As long as you keep the app on your device, you will be able to enter it and listen to all of your calls, and this can be a great way to keep your memories alive.

Preserve Your Calls to Help Cope with Grief

Grief is a long and hard process, and it can help to have memories of the person who you have lost. Phone calls and voicemails can provide the perfect memories that allow you to listen to your loved one so they can live on in your memory after they have left you.

So start recording your calls, and make sure you save your voicemails so that you can continue listening back to them whenever you want to.

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