Mom’s fashion: how to choose the best jeans for your figure

Mom’s tend to favor practicality and comfort above everything else. In terms of staying sensible with your dress code, you can’t beat a pair of jeans; the thick material is perfect for those few scrapes you’re likely to get into when playing outside with the kids, but jeans can easily be changed to suit a variety of occasions as well.

From having to rush here and there on the school run, to meeting friends for coffee on a Sunday morning, jeans are the perfect addition to every mom’s wardrobe. They’re also incredibly comfortable, providing you can find a pair that fit well! I don’t know about you, but I always have a problem with this, so I thought I’d put together a quick post on the different kinds of typical female figure, and the style of jeans that will make for the perfect match.

  • Plus-size curves: if you have curves that you want to try and slim down, the jeans you choose need to restore balance to your shape. Opt for a tapered jean with a slight flare at the bottom, such as a boot-cut. That way, your curves will flow from the larger bust, to the hip area, and down the leg.
  • The hour-glass figure: Luckily for you, there are plenty of shapes to fit the hourglass physique. Go for a high-waisted stretch material, so that the jeans hug the hips, and straight lines in the leg that help to lengthen your figure – a bonus if you’re petite!
  • Long legs: Many women who have a longer leg and a slightly boyish figure find it difficult to find jeans, as most appear to be cropped at the ankle. Try a boot cut style; not only will they even out your proportions, but this style comes in many different lengths within most high-street retailers.
  • The “muffin top”: It won’t surprise you that a high waist is the way forward to conceal a little extra mommy tummy, but many women can find these too restricting on their stomach. A mid-rise jean will be a little looser for a far more comfortable fit.
  • The pear-shape figure: Again, this shape is about restoring balance to your figure, so opt for longer seams to wear with boots with a slight flare, as well as a higher rise.
  • Straight up and down: You can wear a variety of styles if this is your shape, and everything from jeggings to a pair of boyfriend jeans can be your best friend. Skinny jeans are your ideal cut though, showing off your figure beautifully.

If you’d like to know more about this, you can find an easy-to-read Jeans Fit Guide here, that breaks down all the mumbo-jumbo for you. Or, if you’d like to know how to wear them once you’ve found the perfect fit, check out the styling advice from top “jean queen”, Donna Ida Thornton, here.

Do you have any more tips of your own? Don’t be shy and leave me a comment in the section below…

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