New Mantra in Social Advertising

Advertising plays a major role in promoting a product to boost its sales, a person to make his standing in the society high or a theme or concept so that it can be adapted by many people. The final outcome of advertising is more profit in the long term. Internet searches used SEO technology to bring up their website in the ranking of search engines. If the website appears in the first few pages and at the top of a search, it was supposed to bring in the revenues as users only clicked or viewed the first few topics or pages.

With the growth of the internet and social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Vimeo etc, a new form of advertising has come into vogue: Buy Followers.

Pros and Cons

What does it mean to Buy Followers? Is it really worth buying this form of advertisement? Can this be real? Can it be faked? These are some of the questions that need to answer before buying such a service. Imagine someone has a Facebook or Twitter account. Some of the person’s friends and acquaintances ‘follow’ this guy. In the context of social media, numbers define the popularity of that person. More the number of followers, higher is the popularity. Why do people need this kind of followers? It’s a kind of promotion, like movie stars having a huge following, supposedly his movie might sell big at the box office. For ordinary people, it might be the advertisement on their page which the follower might click and the user gets a revenue. In this context having a huge following makes sense. In order to cater to people who have small or no followers, some companies try to help you boost your followers.

Now companies sell the concept of Buy Followers on social media. Usually, these companies sell a specified number of followers for a specific amount to a social media account. Here in lies the rub: whether the followers are genuine or fake accounts? If they are genuine, fine, however, if they are mostly fake, does it make sense or worth the effort? There are instances of 1000s of followers for certain accounts but no real content or replies to the original post. This is obviously a fake campaign but can benefit your business.

Viral Videos

A recent phenomenon is viral videos! Social media, especially WhatsApp is famous for spreading this kind of messages. One wonder what’s so important and urgent that one has created a video and if one looks at that, it might be nothing except for the scores of links and advertising content that appear in the page containing the video.

Genuine Content

People would like to see, watch or understand genuine people with genuine content. They will withstand the rigors of time and effort and will offer genuine followers. It’s not always about the number of followers but the number of people that interact in the end that will matter. Genuine, good or humorous content will always attract followers. Once you buy followers, it is going to give you extra profit in Instagram or other social networking sites.

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