What Nursery Furniture You Absolutely Need To Have?

Most of the time spent by the baby will be in the nursery. It is really important as a mother to buy all the essentials. Obviously, you will want to be sure that you focus on quality but there are some other things of interest that are important when making a decision. While there are various things that should be said, here are the essentials you need according to focusonfurniture.com.au.

Baby Cribs

Ever since day one the baby crib can be used. Children tend to sleep in it until around age 3. You want to focus on a baby crib that is sturdy. Also, some models include built-in drawers, which could be great to store various supplies and baby bedding.

Choose out of the standard full-size baby crib or the portable, mini-crib option. Alternatively, you can consider bassinets, sleepers and cradles. However, the baby will quickly outgrow it so the choice would be pretty bad.

Crib Mattresses

You want to be sure the baby will sleep safely and soundly. This is possible only through firm support. When you choose crib mattresses, focus on sturdiness, comfort and costs. The three main options are the following:

  • Foam mattresses
  • Innerspring mattresses
  • Organic mattresses

Cradles And Bassinets

These can be really comfortable and convenient. You can so easily move these from one room to the next. This allows the mother to easily keep an eye on the child while doing other activities. During nights the baby can be put close to the parents’ bed or in the baby crib. The number of choices available is quite high. There are rocking bassinets, bassinets on wheels, bassinets that will swivel and vibrating cradles, just to mention a few.

Changing Tables

By the time the baby is one year old you would have already changed over 2,400 diapers. That is why it is a smart idea to focus on buying a changing table. In many cases the mother will choose to just lay waterproof towels or pads on a bed or on a floor. The play yard is also often considered because many include both a changing table and a bassinet.

If it is possible to make the payment, you should consider the changing table since it can include safety straps and guardrails. Wriggling babies will no longer be a problem. Till around age 2 the baby can be changed on such a table. A combination of a changing table and dresser is something you can use for years.

Gliders And Rockers

For a long time now we have seen rocking chairs as common nursery fixtures. They help put the baby to sleep. Gliders are basically better rocking chairs that many parents will prefer since the gliding motion will be done without any real effort. These furniture items can be useful for up to 6 years so they can be considered as being a sound investment.  After the child will outgrow the glider, it can be repurposed with just an upholstery change.

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