Objectives and Role of Fertility Test

Having delay in pregnancy?  Your ages has been thirty or forty and want to conceive? It can be difficult to conceive at such stage where you may not have any knowledge of whether you have any chances or not. Many people today, keep on trying instead of getting a proper treatment done, as when they know that conceiving a child nowadays was becoming one of the major problems.

As the problem of conception is growing day by day, looking towards it The Fertility and Gynaecology Academy has introduced with the programme of Fertility test , under which they offer  egg counting check and discover that all is well. If any problem arises, then it may provide further treatment or guidance.

Once you pay for the Fertility test, you will receive a complete assistance regarding the check up.

The process of assistance involves the following steps:

Beginning with the process, you would be provided with the specialist who may assist you with the knowledge of all sort of important tests needed to be done. The consultant will guide you with all your problems regarding the test.

It is a test for to have a look over a female reproductive system to come up with the problem of infertility. It is a prior step for the women facing the problems getting pregnant.

  • Saline Hysterography.

The uterine abnormality results in miscarriage or implantation failure. This process involves the placement of saline under uterine cavity, and then the integrity of the uterine is tested. Saline Hysterography is a safe procedure for the assessment of uterine cavity.

  • Egg counting blood test.

The hormones are produced in ovaries by follicle. This test counts the number of eggs you have through measuring the level of hormones called Anti – Mullerian hormones. The levels of Anti- Mullerian hormones are linked with ‘ovarian reserve’. A high ovarian reserve evinces higher birth rate while low ovarian reserve is linked with low birth rate.

  • Result explanations.

Once the result is been derived, you will be provided with full knowledge about the implications of test. The consultant may ensure and inform you accordingly to the result obtained. One can ask any question regarding the test and you will receive feedback comprehensively.

  • Written report.

Once you come out of the test, the experts may provide you with the written report along with conclusion and best advice for further treatment if needed. A detailed report will be provided with complete information and the proper recommendations.

All these tests are not applicable for every woman. Your doctor may guide u for the appropriate tests needed for your situations.

A Fertility test clarifies your doubts whether you can plan for conception or not and if there are any complications, it may serve you with its best treatments to be done. More than  80% people are satisfied with its results and had come to the conclusion to the troubles faced by them in getting pregnant.




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