How to organize your own blogger meeting

There are some people for whom conversation is a necessary part of their daily life, whether it be face-to-face, on the phone, or online. For these people, blogging is a great social and creative outlet, but it can also be used for other reasons, such as providing another income stream. If you want to take your blogging to the next level, then you need to learn how to organize your own blogger meeting.

What is a blogger meeting?

A blogger meeting is just like any other meeting, but one where you will be connecting with other people, perhaps moms just like yourself, who blog regularly, probably for a living, and from whom you can pick up information, tips, tricks, acquire knowledge about current industry trends, and also share what you know.

The benefits

Why might you need to organize a blogger meeting? Just what is in it for you? Well, writing is an art form, and though the humble blog may seem as easy to write as opening your mouth and saying what you think, the truth is that a successful blog takes not only hard work but also a great deal of thought – about what your target audience is interested in reading, and how best you can fulfil their needs with your writing. By talking with other bloggers, you will pick up new ideas about how best to present your blog to keep your writing fresh, how to utilize competitions and giveaways to help foster audience loyalty, and how to use the technological side of your blog, such as implementing tagging and keywords to help gain traction when it comes to search engine results so that your blog is read by as many people as possible, and much more.

Organizing a blogger meeting

If you are not prepared to wait for someone else to arrange a blogger meeting, then you will have to do so yourself, and this is where your organizational skills really need to be top-notch. The first key element to decide on is your core objective; namely, what do you really hope to achieve by holding a blogger meeting? Is it to learn new skills, or is it to simply connect with other likeminded bloggers? Deciding on your core objective will lead you on to deciding who to invite as attendees at your meeting. Ideally, these will be bloggers who write on similar or complementary subjects as you do yourself, but you may also want to find out how bloggers in other fields do their stuff because, through their knowledge and strategies, you may be able to bring something entirely new to your blogging sector.

Distribution of materials

Once you have settled on your objective and who will be attending, you need to concentrate on the materials that you need or want to distribute to attendees and that will inform the meeting. Such materials could be documents that you want them to read, such as the planned agenda, a list of rules that will apply (if you have any), or it may be documents that you want your fellow bloggers to collaborate on. Depending on the scale of your intended blogger meeting, it is likely that you will want to distribute materials in a structured, coherent manner, and for this it is best to use some sort of online program, such as a board portal, that allows you to share and collaborate with others. You can learn more about board portals online and discover the benefits of using them.

Selecting a venue

A big consideration will be choosing a venue for your blogger meeting. You will need to factor in the locations of your attendees, working out how far you can reasonably expect them to travel. The more central a location you can find, the better, ideally one that is very well serviced by public transport systems and that has adequate parking facilities. You should also consider the amenities available at the venue, not only toilet facilities but also refreshments. If your venue does not provide a cafe or cafeteria, then you may need to lay on catering and provide a lunch or, at the very least, hot drinks. If you do not intend to do this, then make it clear in all your communications that attendees need to bring their own snacks and lunches.

To charge or not to charge?

It will depend on the size of your intended meeting, but if you are planning a big event, then you will probably want to consider levying an entry charge or ticket charge to cover your costs. Bear in mind, though, that if you are going to charge people for the privilege of coming to your meeting, your content will need to be pretty darn good. For fixing a fee, consider what you yourself would be willing to pay to attend, then work out how many people will be coming, the cost of the venue hire, and any catering you provide, and take it from there. You should also work out how you will respond to any cancellations that are made. For example, will you offer a total refund if someone bought a ticket but cannot attend? Will you simply state that no refunds will be given? Or will you refuse refunds but allow a person to sell on their ticket to someone else?

Guest speakers

If you are planning to organize speakers for your meeting, then you will certainly need to book them early. Who these are will be determined by who you know and deciding if they have knowledge that would be of interest to your attendees. Such people may charge a fee for speaking at your event, so you will need to factor this cost into your budget and your ticket charge.

Organizing a blogger meeting is a daunting but hugely rewarding thing to do as it will provide a big challenge, introduce you to a variety of new people and concepts, and ultimately make you a better blogger.

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