Planning a perfect wedding event – How can a mom contribute?

If you thought that wedding planning is only a big deal for the bride and groom, you mistaken. It is also a major event for the parents, especially the moms. There goes enough of toil and labor in planning a perfect wedding event of your son or daughter. From making a list of the guests to inviting them to buying the wedding gown to choosing the venue of the event, there are lots of tasks to complete in order to end up having an extremely successful wedding. During all the planning process, it is our mom who comes to our rescue with all the well-proven plans about making the best decisions on almost everything. Besides coming up with amazing wedding decor ideas, there are many other ways our mom can contribute to the wedding event. Here are few you should consider.

  • They work up on networking

Moms are undoubtedly too well connected with many people. Through their work community, friend circles, social media friends, volunteering cliques, she may know people who either work in floral shops, photography studio, bakery or even in jewelry stores. They might be eager to offer your family some kind of wedding discount or some good contacts can even point out the best professionals in niches like make-up, event planning, catering management and many more.

  • They offer their precious support while making guest lists

Moms are usually very good at protecting you from faux pas that you might have made while creating the guest list. She might remind you of inviting both Mr. and Mrs. Jones despite they being divorced for years or even spelling your cousin’s names correctly on the invitation card. Make sure you get her help while rounding up with the addresses of your relatives.

  • They assist you with bridal shower

There are some who still are of the opinion that moms should never be the main host of a wedding event. Hence they can easily join in with bridesmaids to put together a memorable bridal shower for you. They can come up with great ideas or contribute funds to rescue your cash-crunched bridesmaids who will all become too content with getting such assistance.

  • They style themselves and get the right wedding dress

Moms are style-savvy and fashion-forward these days and hence they’re consulting with fashionable stylists who help them choose some amazing dresses and gowns. The bride can spend few amazing days with her mom in choosing the perfect wedding outfit for them and for their mom.

  • They de-stress the bride

Previously, moms used to cause too much wedding stress but times are changing now and their role has become more relaxed and fun. They are planning movie nights with their daughters, working out with the bride-to-be and also lending their kind ear to their vent out without being judgmental.

Therefore, when you’re wondering about the ways in which you can engage your mom during your wedding so that you can seek her valuable support in completing the event systematically.


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