SEO Essentials For Successful Website Optimization

Search engine optimisation is essential and fundamental. SEO helps you position your business website properly at some critical factors in the process of buying or when public need your website. What are the requirements of search engines for the top position? How can you develop a website that will please both customers/visitors and search engines? Importantly, how does a good SEO firm help your online existence becomes more profitable than their competitors?

During the SEO introduction session at Chicago SEO Services, our experienced SEO experts explained the value of search engine optimisation and what it can deliver to an online business by using an effective analogy.

Without the implementation of basic SEO strategy, spending money and time on fancy and social stuff is same as skipping your teeth brushing but buying expensive cologne and white strips, said our experienced expert.

What is SEO?

The purpose of foundational search engine optimisation is not to cheat the search engines. The goal of SEO is to:

  • Communication your purpose to major search engines so that they direct your site for relevant searches.
  • Create a seamless and good user experience.

Your Site Is Just Like A Cake

Your paid search, social media acts and links work like an icing, but your information, content management system, infrastructure act, architecture, and your contents act as sugar and form a cake. Without these ingredients, your cake is boring, tasteless and gets thrown in the dustbin.

What Search Engines Wants?

Search engines would like to perform the best by referring visitors to websites. So how do they determine the relevancy of websites?

Content: is evaluated by the theme of a website that is being given the titles, page text and description.
Performance: What is the loading speed of your website and how does it work perfectly?
Authority: Does your website have quality contents to link to other authoritative websites.
User Experience: How does your website look? Is it simple to navigate around? Does it Safe?

What Major Search Engines Do Not Recommend?

Search engine spiders have specific data storage amount, so if you perform shady tactics or try to cheat them, chances are, you may hurt yourself for a long time. Things the search engines do not prefer are:

Keyword stuffing: Excessive use of key phrases on your website.
Purchased links: Links buying gives you nothing when it is relevant to search engine optimisation, so be aware.
Poor User Experience: Try to make it easy for visitors to get around. Excessive use of ads display makes it tough for visitors to find the information; they are searching and increase the bounce rate of your website. For example, if the bounce rate of your website is 80 percent or more, and you have website contents, the chances are that there is something wrong.

Insight Of Your Business Model

Many people do not think seriously about their business model as they just focus on main objectives. Some questions they need to ask themselves are:

  • What visitors click on?
  • What defines the conversion rate?
  • What are your objectives?
  • Do you know your liabilities and assets?
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