Sidestepping Sickness With Your Toddler’s Sensitive Stomach

As if handling a toddler weren’t already hard enough, perhaps you’ve been blessed with one who has a particularly sensitive stomach. Normal fare such as cereal snacks, formula and baby combos can be disastrous if your child gets sick easily. If they are unable to keep food down, it’s time to see a doctor, but in many cases, you may be seeing a normal reaction to ingredients in their food. As more moms become informed about GMOs and additives in their children’s food, providers face increased pressure to remove them from their products.

In the meantime, though, bone broth can kill two birds with one stone. It’s an easily digestible source of nutrients, and it also supplies your toddler with minerals that heal and strengthen. If you’re wondering what else this superfood can do, Au Bon Broth bone broth proponent Kate Doubler outlines all the ways in which it can benefit your family.

Understanding the Causes of Toddler Sickness

As the Institute for Responsible Technology notes, children are at an increased risk of allergic reaction to genetically modified foods. The younger a child is, the more susceptible they are, so toddlers are likely to become ill if they are at all sensitive to GMOs and food additives. An allergic reaction can include any or all of the following symptoms:

  • Vomiting
  • Crying
  • Fever

If you want to avoid sickness, identifying its source is the first step. Your toddler’s sensitive stomach might be a call for healthier food. It can make a difference to cut inflammatory foods from your baby’s diet.

Cutting Out Irritants, Not Nutrients

You may be concerned that making changes to your toddler’s diet will deprive them of essential nutrients. Though you might have planned every detail of their eating routine, only to find that they are constantly sick, you can make careful adjustments that phase out inflammatory foods. Ridding your child’s diet of these elements and replacing them with healthy, natural alternatives is the best way to combat a sensitive stomach. Au Bon Broth bone broth can be substituted for formula that is rich in protein but contains GMOs. Integration into meals may require creativity, but a healthy toddler is worth it.

Integrating Bone Broth Into Meals

Bone broth is a superfood that provides its consumers with minerals, protein and amino acids for optimal healthy and increased energy. For toddlers, this translates to an immune system boost and a decrease in sick days. How exactly does one make it part of their child’s diet? You can attempt to feed it to your child in a sippy cup or bowl, but there are other ways that might be easier. Utilizing recipes that include bone broth can make the process easier. Mixing some Au Bon Broth bone broth into pancakes must be a mom’s secret weapon.
Make Bone Broth into a Lifestyle

Parents who feed their kids Au Bon Broth bone broth sporadically are unlikely to see the amazing effects take place. Like most major processes, the immunity and strength built up by the substance requires both time and patience. In order to reap its full benefits and effectively improve your toddler’s health, approach broth as a lifestyle change instead of just a food. Though making it part of your meals is a component of its effect, it is just part of the makeover you can initiate. Now’s the time to be rid of GMOs and other harmful ingredients.

Put Your Toddler’s Needs First

Above all else, prioritizing your toddler’s needs is essential. Even when transitioning to bone broth is difficult, you’re providing them with the nutrients and protein they need to build resistance, be healthy and avoid sickness. All of these measures make baby and mom happy, and there’s no substitute for healthy eating when it comes to your child’s wellbeing. Your child deserves the advantages of a strong immune system and a diet rich in nutrients, so give them both. Bone broth is the superfood that ensures your child has all of the vitamins they need. When your toddler has a sensitive stomach, it can seem impossible to get through the day without at least some food being spit up. Though this is frustrating, the affect it has on their health is even worse. You can combat this and ensure your toddler is receiving adequate nutrition by investing in bone broth for their meals, but don’t be surprised when you notice fewer days spent sick and a boost in energy.

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