Simple Tips To Plan An Affordable Hawaii Vacation With The Family

Some years ago it was pretty hard to organize a great family vacation to Hawaii because the prices were a lot higher than they are now. At the moment we are faced with pretty great deals that you can take advantage of. If you want to plan a family getaway or even a long time vacation, be sure that you are going to think about the pretty simple tips that will be highlighted below. They help you make the entire experience so much more affordable than what it would be with regular planning.

When Should You Go?

The best possible rates in Hawaii are available during Spring (April to June) and Autumn (September to the middle of December). This is quite interesting since the best possible weather in Hawaii is also present during these months. You will surely find the best possible rates for everything ranging from accommodations to Waikiki scuba diving. Just remember that 2 exceptions exist:

  • the weeks after and before Easter
  • Golden Week Japan holidays – between 29th of April and 5th of May

Look For Package Deals

It is a very good idea to look for some package deals that are available for family holidays. They will include many different deals on accommodations, car rental and even airfare. If you want to travel to Hawaii, make sure that you look at this opportunity since it is completely cost-effective. Many tour operators advertise the deals and if you combine with the dates mentioned above, you end up saving so much money.

Consider The Large Hotel Chains

Most travelers actually stay away from the larger hotel chains because they think that they are going to pay way over the amount that should be paid. That is not the case with Hawaii. In fact, there are many major hotel chains that operate in the Big Island, Kauai, Maui and Oahu. Look at the packages that they have available since you can end up saving so much money through grocery gift cards, fly-drive combinations and multi-night stay deals. Also consider the international hotel chains. They can bring in great discounts when you reserve through a loyalty program or at specific times of the year. Obviously, the independent hotels should also be taken into account.

Buy In Advance

This is especially important when you buy the air tickets for your family. Statistics show that around 50 days before the departure date brings in the best possible deals for air tickets, according to a study conducted by Besides this period, when the tickets initially go on sale the prices are very good. However, this is around 11 months in advance so you may not want to consider this option.

Stay Flexible

Make sure that you are flexible when you plan the vacation for the family and do take into account what the children say. This is a mistake that many mommies make. Do listen to what the children want to do since anything that they do not like will lead to huge problems as they are not going to appreciate the vacation.


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