Tips to teach your children essay writing

If you are looking for advice in developing your kids’ writing skill, this short guide gives you the essay writing tips to teach your children.

Developing writing skill is quite important for your child, so you should encourage your kids to write. Children’s creativity is great, and if to give your kid some important ideas about essay writing, your little writer will be inspired by you. If course, teaching kids is a long and hard process because they can distract a lot, but you should organize the whole process well, and these problems will go away eventually. Remember that before teaching it would be good for you to refresh your knowledge about essay writing. This will help to avoid confusing moments when at some point of explaining your kids things you realize that you do not know what to do next. And you will be sure that you give only the correct information to your little writers.

Teaching essay writing

So, you are on your way to teach your children essay writing. Whether it’s your kids home task at school or they got an idea to write their own story, encourage children to this task and offer your help. There are several steps you need to keep in your mind:

  1. Ensure that your children has at least a basic understanding of grammar and spelling, depending of their grade and age. Without these important things, you won’t be able to get any good results.
  2. Explain to children the meaning of thesis statement. Mention about no matter how long or short their essay, every its sentence should be directly connected to the main point. Only in this case their work will be solid and interesting to read.
  3. Teach your kids to create an outline of their writing. This will help them build sentences logically connected between each other.
  4. Tell children about main parts of the essay. Provide them with standard format for writing an essay, learn main parts of essay (introduction, body part, conclusion). Explain kids goals of every of these parts.
  5. Discuss together how it’s better to provide connections between these three parts. This will give your children an idea how to write sentences that will be connected logically.
  6. After you have finished with the theory, go to practice. Offer your kids to write their own first work. Of course, at start they would need essay help from you, and be ready to guide them for some time. Later when they will become more experienced, they would not ask you, and it means you will be their first reader.
  7. Help children to revise their text, teach them how it’s better to check the essay for grammar and logical errors.
  8. Provide your children with Spider Essay As more essays from other authors they will read, as more experienced their writing skills will become.
  9. To develop grammar and logical skills, your kids should read a lot. Whether there are books, interesting magazines, or newspapers, children read and remember visually some words and grammar rules automatically. Reading is a great way to improve in writing, so encourage your kids to read good books and don’t forget to read by yourself too.

Improve every day

Each and every skill needs practice, so even if your children have a good ability in writing, always be ready to show them the way how to improve. Make your own home rituals and write every evening or at least three times per week. When the studying will be methodical and organized, it will also make your kids well-organized and disciplined.

We hope our short article will help you to teach your kids writing wonderful and interesting essays. Remember that writing skill is quite important for children, they will be able to express themselves in better way. Of course teaching is not an easy job, but it worth the effort.


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