The Top Wine Regions You Should Visit

You’ve put in all the effort it takes to earn your sommelier diploma and now you’re wondering what to do with it. You could immediately try and find some work with it, but wouldn’t you rather put your new wine knowledge to use and visit some of the best wine regions in the world? Even if you don’t have a sommelier diploma, these regions are a must for fans of wine. This list of the top wine regions you should visit comes straight from a master sommelier.


Greece is a great country for wine and history lovers. One of the best places to go for white wines in Greece is Santorini. It provides the ultimate mixture of great tasting wine, and a fantastic touch of the past. Take in the wine while taking in the rich history of the country around you. What could be better than that?


When it comes to Portugal, Lisbon is the place to be. It is an incredibly beautiful city, where the beauty is only matched by the accessibility. It couldn’t be easier to get to or around Lisbon. Another great feature of Lisbon is that you’re never too far away from wine country. The incredibly beautiful wine region of Alentejo is less than an hour away from the city. There’s never been a better time to go to Portugal.

New Zealand

New Zealand is the ultimate choice for the truly globe-trotting wine lover. Take a trip to Queenstown and Central Otago for a wine experience you won’t soon forget. These destinations are home to some of the best Pinot Noir in the world. New Zealand wines are beautiful and balanced, and everyone who loves wine owes it to themselves to try the pinots of New Zealand. You’ll wonder what took you so long.


It’s sacrilegious to talk about wine without mentioning France; considered to be the home of wine. Bordeaux is one of the most well-respected wine regions in the entire world, home to both table wines and the most expensive and prestigious wines in the world. The city itself is as incredible as the wine, with its rich 18th-century mansions and gothic churches. Even the rooms that you taste wine are decadent and the food is fantastic.

United States

Of course, you can enjoy great wine without needing to leave the country. Don’t let anyone tell you that the United States doesn’t have a wine country all its own. Two of the best places to find wine in the United States are North Fork Long Island and Arizona. They make great wine that not nearly enough people know about. Jerome, Arizona are beginning to experiment with trying Spanish varietals, while in Long Island the quality of wine from North Fork is starting to surpass the wine from Finger Lakes due to the moderate weather. There’s a lot on offer right in your own back yard. For something a little more mainstream you should head to California, birthplace of about 90% of all the wine made in the United States and home to the well-known Napa Valley. California is also home to Sonoma, the second most-popular wine region of the United States. So you’re getting two of the very best in one place.

Each of these places offers their own wine tours that allow you to get a real “taste” for the region and are incredible tourist destinations. You’ll find plenty to do even if you aren’t a sommelier interested in experiencing wines from around the world.

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