Why Unique French Flavor Is Essential For Your Wardrobe

If you want to be very stylish or should we say trèsstylé then you have to go the French way! French women always seem to get it absolutely picture perfect when it comes to clothes and it is probably because it do a few things right. Some of these most important fashion rules are:

  • Staying with a simple palette when it comes to colors.
  • Going for a minimalist look for almost all occasions.
  • Having a great attitude that helps them carry off the most splendid fashions.

But truly, haute couture need not be limited to the French alone. You can certainly bring in unique French flavor to your wardrobe as well. And whether you like this designer or some other when it comes to your personal style quotient, here are a few things that you can keep in mind while going French.

Staying classic

It is indeed true that most French women love fashion but it is also equally true that they are not too obsessed over short lived fashion trends. So, you could borrow a page from this book and go with classic cuts and looks. Where you can easily make the classic outfit trendy is with the choice of accessories. For instance, you can choose a pair of snug jeans and a white shirt with a classic sweater. Add a brightly colored designer handbag to this outfit and you instantly turn a simple outfit into an elegant one.

Get some staples into your wardrobe

You also need to stock your wardrobe with some fashion essentials. These essentials include:

  • A well fitted white shirt.
  • Skirts or pants that are plain and simple.
  • A trench coat.
  • Jeans that hug your curves.
  • Classic footwear – high heels.

Your accessories should be simple too. Of course you can buy as many things as you want but when you put together an outfit – follow ‘French rules’. Take the famous rule by Coco Chanel – remove one accessory before stepping out. So wear a white shirt, a black pant and one bright accessory and you are done.


Pay attention to the fabrics of the clothes that you buy. Typically, the French have silk, leather, cashmere and cotton. So if you have a luxurious leather jacket in your wardrobe then you should have a cashmere sweater or shawl. A silk blouse in cream or beige is also great.

Of course you can wear bright colors but do remember to make the whole ensemble balanced rather than heavy on the colors. An otherwise neutral outfit can be given a bit of a pop of color with bright flats or a silk scarf. In essence, French fashion is about fabrics that drape really well so they show off a chic and stylish silhouette.

Finally, they follow the minimalist rule in their makeup as well. But will make it a point to put on a touch of lipstick or mascara even if they are stepping out for a cup of tea.

Fashionable takes an à la mode turn when you have added the right kind of French flavor to your wardrobe.

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